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Tropical Party Ideas

With tropical party ideas, you will surely have a different birthday experience. This type of birthday party can be very casual and fun whereby you can integrate many different tropical-related ideas into the party such as tropical decoration, tropical food and drinks, tropical-themed invitations, as well as activities and games.

Even if you must have it indoors, you can celebrate your birthday in tropical style. See palm trees, seashells, coconuts, grass skirts and flowered shirts. Feel the sand between your toes. Eat fresh fruit, kebabs and sushi rolls, and drink colorful punch. Hear easy laughter, gentle waves and a steel drum. You’ve just imagined a terrific tropical-themed birthday party.

Make your own tropical birthday party invitations using pastel-colored card stock, floral print origami paper or a natural-looking paper. Decorate the cards with stickers or stamps of seashells, palm trees, tropical flowers such as hibiscus, bamboo or even an ocean scene. Tropical- or luau-themed birthday invitations are available for purchase as well. Include on the inside the party details, including whether it will be held indoors or out so guests can dress appropriately. If you want guests to come dressed as islanders, consider offering a prize for the best Hawaiian shirt or the longest grass skirt.

Give guests leis when they arrive–these can be the cheap, brightly colored plastic kind, the real deal ordered from a florist or something in between. Consider playing a CD or MP3 of ocean sounds, steel drums, acoustic guitar or reggae to set the mood. Use fresh flowers and fruit (pineapples, mangoes, kiwis or something similar) as centerpieces wherever possible; light tiki torches if your party is outdoors. Separate rooms with matchstick blinds or raffia and shell fringe. Fill a plastic kiddy pool with sand and set lawn chairs around it to encourage guests to sit and wiggle their toes in the sand (assuming you aren’t already on a beach, of course). Inflatable palm trees, grass table runners and a surfboard propped up in a corner also add a festive, tropical feel.