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Party Platter Ideas

Party platter ideas consist of many considerations such as the food, size, quantity as well as the selection choices. There are variety of choices for party platters and choosing the right one will require some thoughts and planning.

Creating trays full of food requires thought and planning. It’s important to organize the different foods well and make sure your guests can tell what they are. There are many ways to do this, including labeling the food or pairing similar items on the same tray. As important as choosing the types of foods to include on your party platters is choosing the correct amounts based on the number of people attending and the other food being served.

If you are holding a sophisticated and classy affair, prepare a fruit and cheese platter, complete with a wide variety of cheese and seasonal fruit. Choose a soft-ripened cheese such as brie, a semi-soft cheese such as bleu and a few hard cheese options, such as cheddar and Swiss. Place the entire brie wheel on the tray and provide knives for cutting. Slice or chunk semi-soft and semi-hard cheese before serving. For the tastiest fruit, serve varieties that are in season, such as pears and apples in the fall. You can also serve bowls of dried fruits, such as cranberries, cherries and raisins. Be sure to provide plenty of crackers and bread along with the tray. Wine makes a nice beverage accent to choose platters as well.