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Camo Birthday Cake Ideas

best camo birthday cake ideas

best camo birthday cake ideas

As they get older, thinking of birthday party ideas for boys seems to get harder. So when my son decided he wanted to organise his own 11th birthday party, I was delighted.

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Army Camo Birthday Cake

His choice was ‘paintball’! What better way of getting some fresh air than giving each kid a gun and sending them off in to the woods!

He designed the birthday invitations him self, using photo’s off the paintball website he was going to. The invitations included the location, date, times and asked for a donation towards the cost. I was a bit dubious about asking for a donation, I thought parents may think it a bit cheeky. However I had nothing but positive feedback, and all were delighted to contribute. All the boys had been wanting to go paint balling, but it wasn’t that cheap, this was a great way of spreading the cost.

camo birthday cake ideas

camo birthday cake ideas

camo birthday cake picture 280x300

camo birthday cake picture

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camo cake idea

On the morning of the birthday, there was some excitement in our house! When we arrived at the site, with a car full of boys, we met the others there. Our games master instructed the boys how the site worked, the do’s and do nots. All were issued with their guns, camouflage, masks and battle packs.

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