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Cocktail Party

Cocktail party is one of the most welcoming party themes especially in the western countries. Various ideas can be used for making the party a great one and it all depends on your creativity.

A cocktail party is one of the easiest gatherings to host. You spend more time socializing with the guests than prepping and serving a meal, and the atmosphere is more relaxed than that of a dinner party. Cocktail gatherings are also much easier on your budget, because you can make the drink selection as big as your wallet will allow, and the appetizers don’t need to be expensive, either.


Depending upon the theme of your cocktail party, you can either choose simple decorations or create an elaborate atmosphere. Decorate so that guests can mingle and move around to different areas without the confines of one table for the evening. Arranging the decorations to compliment the room set up and feed the flow of the room will ensure that guests feel free to move about comfortably.

Cocktail Party Ideas

The key part of a cocktail party is, of course, the cocktails, but the food accompanying the beverages can be just as important. Depending on your budget, time constraints and cooking abilities, you can choose to have your cocktail party catered or do it yourself. It is also good that you limit your drink selection. You don’t need a drink menu like one you would find at Applebee’s. Take stock of the liquor and wine supply you already have on hand before you buy more. As long as you have vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec, whisky and rum, you have the basic ingredients to make drinks.

Cocktail Party Menu