Star Wars Party Ideas

The epic science fiction movies of the Star Wars series have created a niche for itself and have attracted audiences in the age group of 8 to 80. It is without a doubt that Star Wars is one of the most unforgettable movies of all time. This series of films by George Lucas are something that even now stirs up our fantasies of riding spaceships and traveling around distant galaxies. Star Wars simply captured the hearts and imaginations of people from all ages, from all walks of life. If your little one has an upcoming birthday celebration and he or she is enthralled by this timeless movie, a Star Wars birthday party is definitely going to be a blast! For years people have been mesmerized with the thrilling adventures of outer space. And if you wish to capture the mood of a Star Wars film for your kid’s birthday party, it is going to be an awesome idea.

Every kid surely loves to dress up and act as their favorite superhero, cartoon character or even a famous celebrity. You can come up with some Star Wars birthday party ideas for your child, or for yourself! Make it as elaborate as a costume birthday party. Ask every guest to come dressed as any Star Wars character of their choice. They can choose to be the good guys, the Jedi or the villains from the dark side of the force; it doesn’t matter as long as they are dressing up as a Star Wars character.

Furthermore, turning your house into a galaxy is sure to be fun. Make use of available resources that are related to the theme. Print star wars images and posters and tape them to the walls and fences. You can also gather all your kid’s star wars toys and make them as decorations in the tables and shelves. To add a touch of a galactic look, put small and big glow-in-the-dark stars to the walls and ceiling. Additionally, hang toy space crafts and the nine planets from the ceiling. Use a themed table cloth, utensils, cups and plates. Add a final touch by playing star wars themed music.

In keeping with the mood of a Star Wars birthday party, the food must also be special. Begin with a birthday cake based on the theme. You can either get a spacecraft cake, a solar system cake or a big cake that has Star Wars written on it. Include star shaped cookies, green popcorns and pink space smoothies made with a combination of a cherry soft drink and raspberry crush in your party food menu. Apart from this, you can also offer chocolate light sabers, fruit kabobs, sandwiches and chips to your guests.

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