Tea Party Ideas for Little Girls

A tea party is an event that comes in the life of almost each and every girl. It presents her with the perfect opportunity to spend time with her friends and learn about the art of entertaining as well. In fact, the preparation time for children’s tea party provides you enough time to teach your girl about good manners, how to serve tea at the party and the way she should behave. Since a tea party is held during the impressionable years of a girl, the lessons learnt then would continue to be with her throughout her life. Encouraging your child to get involved in every aspect of the party, right from planning to hosting, would also allow you to spend some memorable moments with her, especially during the preparation stage.

Hang a sign outside your house that says “Welcome to (your child’s name) Tea Birthday Party!” Hang some pink and silver helium balloons in bunches outside your house.

Decorate your party room ceiling and walls with pastel-colored paper streamers. Spread some helium balloons inside the house – this will create a nice, elegant look!

Table decoration should be the focal point for the tea birthday party. Cover the table with a pretty tablecloth. If you like, spread a sheet of clear, stiff plastic (available at fabric stores) over the cloth to protect it from spills.

For dishes, use tea set and inexpensive china cups, saucers and plates. Don’t worry if the teacups don’t match – a variety of patterns will add color and interest to the table setting.

Set out fancy dinner napkins and gold or silver napkin rings. If you don’t want to use real silverware, buy fancy plastic cutlery at a party store. Line plates with doilies and include a colorful vase of crepe paper or freshly cut flowers.

If you’re having your tea birthday party outside, put tables in a shady place. Hang flowers around the tables on a post to give the party a fancier look. If the guests are old enough, light candles and place them on the table.

Children’s Tea Party Ideas
There are a number of ideas for holding a kids’ tea party. While planning the same, you can keep the following ones in mind.

Hat Tea Party
Send the invitation for the tea party on a card that has been shaped like a hat and buy lots of big straw hats, ribbon, plastic pearls, and silk flowers. Serve hat-shaped cookies to the kids and have them enter a hat-decorating competition, with all the supplies provided by you. Make sure to have enough awards for each child to receive one. For example, you can award the most creative hat, most beautiful one and wildest one. Let the kids take the hats decorated by them to their home, as party favor.

Teddy Bear Tea Party
For girls, a tea party starts at a very early age, when she has only her teddy bear as the guest. So, why not incorporate the same into her ‘real’ tea party as well! Send tea party invitations, in the shape of a bear, inviting your daughter’s friends as well as their teddy bears. Along with the tea, you can have the cake decorated with a bear motif and cookies cut in the shape of a bear’s head. As party favor, present the kids with a bag of bear-shaped cookies.

Formal Tea Party
If you are trying to train your daughter for formal affairs in the future, what better way than to have a formal tea party in her younger years. For this, you will either have to make sure that the other girls have formal dresses with them or get them yourself and ask them to dress at your place. Now, sit down the ‘all-dressed-up’ girls as little “ladies” and let them have their first taste of a formal affair. Remember that everything, right from invitation to favors, should be formal.

Storybook Tea Party
This is one of the most popular tea party ideas. Take out your child’s favorite storybooks and select one of the tales as your party theme. Beatrix Potter, Madeline, Winnie the Pooh and Cinderella are amongst the tea party themes that children love to have. Have all the aspects of the party – invitation, dresses, decoration, food, games and favors, based on the particular tale that you have chosen for the theme.

Tea Party for Boys and Girls
There is a very wrong notion amongst people that only girls can be invited to a tea party and boys are out of purview as far as the guest list is concerned. You can invite all the girls and the boys that your daughter considers as her friends or even her entire class, for the tea party. All you need to remember is that the theme that you choose for the party should be unisex – such as Winnie the Pooh. We guarantee that the party will be enjoyable for all the kids.

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