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It is the duty of the bride to give out wedding party favors to all of her guests; however, she has the choice of giving an item to each individual guest or each couple or family. This would depend not only on her budget but also on the nature of the gift. If it’s an engraved ornament or something of the sort, one gift might subside for a couple or a family but if it’s a sweet treat, it might be nice to see that everyone has an opportunity to have one. The wedding party favor has become known as a thank you for attending the wedding and it’s also a nice memento of the wedding itself.

The giving of party favors at a wedding seems to be worldwide as there are very few countries where this is not practiced. From royalty to the very wealthy to those lesser endowed everyone does it.

The bride if she can spare the time can make her own unique wedding favors with or without help from friends and family. With a little imagination, she may come up with something original, or she can order items from a company with special engraving making her wedding favors unique and original. In addition, she does not have to give the same items to all of her guests. She might give close members of the two families special favors; such as more costly engraved items to parents, grandparents and great grandparents as they would be more likely to appreciate them and would want a keepsake and the other guests something to eat or just a little memento .She can pick out something to give which goes with the theme of her wedding such as a small shot glass in the shape of a boot filled with pastel M&M candies and wrapped with cellophane and tied at the top with a pastel ribbon for either a western or country wedding. Another unique wedding party favor might be to have a young person following her and her husband around as they greet the guests with a camera and take a picture of the bride and groom standing with this particular group of guests with a digital camera or the other type of camera would do, and send the photos out when the thank you notes are sent. Sometimes throwaway cameras are placed at the tables for the guests to take their own photos at the wedding. These can be bought reasonably from companies specializing in wedding favors.

Other unique wedding favors might be a CD especially made to order with the music played at the wedding. Homemade jams or jellies in small glass jars with a label giving the couples name. The favors do not necessary have to be very expensive but something different and memorable is always well thought of.

If a couple are getting married around a special time of the year, such as Christmas, Valentines Day, or Easter, even if it is not the wedding theme this might be incorporated into the choice of wedding favor. Marshmallow or chocolate marshmallow bunnies for the children and a good grade of chocolate covered cream eggs for the adults might be something to be considered. Special favors can be given to the children with the intention of keeping them occupied as they become easily bored.

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