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A college party is a gathering of college-age students for the purposes of socializing and recreation, much like any other type of get-together. But the inhibitions at a college bash are slightly more reduced when it comes to entertainment. Much of it comes from the fact that most of the students get to be away from home and away from their parents for the first time in their life, and live by their own rules. It’s a liberating and experimental transition in their life, just like the partying itself.

Although they are widely considered to be a most scandalous affair, they’re actually not as bad as they’re often portrayed to be. Contrary to popular stereotype, mostly by conservatives who’ve never even heard of the term ‘kegger’, a college party does not mean a bunch of naked people are running around all over the place having sex all the time. The parties, for the most part, just consist of socializing with peers and having fun playing games.

A typical college party consists of alcohol, games, and music. It often involves food as well, but not as often as other types of social gatherings, because most college parties typically don’t start until well after dinner time. So people are expected, more often than not, to just fend for themselves when it comes to food. Dancing also frequently takes place, but for the most part, drinking games are the predominate activity.

The games that take place include card games, dice games, word games, table games, and many more besides. Most of which involve consuming beer as a penalty. There are many types of party games, but the most popular one today is a game called ‘beer pong’, which in short, involves throwing ping pong balls into cups of beer across a table.

A college party most often refers to a house party, but can also include outdoor parties, theme parties, dance parties, block parties, tailgate parties, and others as well.

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