Graduation Invitation Party

Graduation Invitation PartyGraduation Invitation Party

Fabulous Graduation InvitationsFabulous Graduation Invitations

Unique Graduation Party Invitations

Unique Graduation Party Invitations

 2011 Graduation Invitations2011 Graduation Invitations

Graduation parties are, well, graduating from small family gatherings to big themed parties with lots of friends, classmates and colleagues. And just about anything goes with regard to theme and scope. Make the most out of your graduate’s celebration whether it’s a grade-school, high school, college or beyond.

Open house

Since the graduation season can be a busy time for many you should consider an open house for your party. This way guests can come and go as they make their way to a few parties. When sending your graduation invitation make sure you clearly state that it is an ‘open house’ so guests know they can come and go on a more relaxed schedule.


With graduation season being as busy as it is, you might consider holding off on having your graduation party. Instead of competing for guests during a busy season, hold off until the end of the summer to host your graduation party. This is especially good for high school graduates as this late graduation party can be a great last chance to get together before heading off to college. Don’t be part of the blur of graduation parties. Send your graduation invitation later in the summer and make your party a great memory

Graduation as a theme

There are many fun symbols of graduation that can lend itself easily to your graduation-themed party. Send graduation invitations that resemble diplomas or mortar boards. Print your menu or agenda of activities on a report card. Place edible seal stamps on cupcakes for a themed dessert. The possibilities are endless for celebrating your new graduate.

Theme graduation parties

Look to the guest of honor for cues about a themed party. But also know that just about anything goes. Center your party on the school of college the graduate will be attending in the fall. The game of ‘Life’ has become a popular theme as well. Not every graduation party has to center around graduation. Whatever the graduate likes is fair game for a fun graduation party. A graduation luau or pool party is perfect for a summer back yard party. A Las Vegas themed party can be fun for a college graduate. Start your smart theme with fun graduation invitations and keep it going with décor, menu and even party favors.


Often a graduation can be a great opportunity to celebrate with your clients and business colleagues. Your advanced degree is a great reason to host a client event and even invite some potential clients for networking. Use your business stationery as your graduation invitation and you’ve got a professional yet festive invitation.

It’s time to start thinking beyond caps and gowns for your next graduation party. Ask the graduate for their take on a fun theme and get your planning started.

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