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Creative Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Creative Birthday Party Theme Ideas

 Each year, kids look forward to their birthday with anxious anticipation. In turn, parents strive to make their kids’ party dreams come true. The following birthday party theme ideas will help you create a fun and memorable party filled with entertainment, excitement, and enjoyment!


To come up with a fun theme, start by thinking about your child’s favorite book, cartoon character, TV show, movie, animal or sport. You can then create the party around that particular idea.

For example, The Little Engine That Could book might become a train party. The Three Little Pigs could evolve into a farm party. Cartoon characters like Scooby Doo, Barney, and Mickey Mouse, all make wonderful theme parties. If your child loves superheroes, then Batman or Spiderman, are great options for creating a costume, action-packed theme party.


To make fun invitations, you’ll want to be sure to do a play on words to coincide with your theme, along with making interesting and creative invites.

For example, if you’re having a pirate party you could make your invitations look like treasure maps. Crumple brown paper bags to look like parchment paper. Draw a map leading up to your house, which would be marked with an “X.” Say something like, “Ahoy Matey! Prepare to Set Sail on the Seven Seas. All Ye Scallywags Come and Join Me. Chart Yer Course for (address) on (date). Don’t Be Late or Ya’ll Walk the Plank!

For a bowling party, you might create an invitation in the shape of a bowling pin and say something like, “Hope You Can ‘Spare’ The Time to Celebrate.”

For a Dora the Explorer party you might say something like, “Hola Amigos (boy) Amigas (girl). Join (birthday child’s name) for a fiesta! Then add your party details. RSVP to (Name & Phone) so Swiper Fox doesn’t swipe your spot.

Remember, your invites are the first impression your guests will receive as to what your party is all about. Just be creative and you’re sure to start the pre-party excitement.


Once you have your theme figured out, the ideas for decorations will start to flow. If you’re going to use balloons and streamers, the theme will help dictate the appropriate colors. For example, a Batman theme party would lend itself to black and yellow, whereas a tea party might be lavender, pink, mint green, and cream. A princess party calls for a royal affair sporting purple and gold.

If you’re looking to make a major statement, then you’ll want to think about turning the party room into that theme. For example, turn an entire room into an undersea adventure for Finding Nemo. Cover the ceiling with a net and fill it with blue and white balloons to create the clouds. Cover the walls with blue butcher paper for the water. Attach various fish pictures from fishing line and hang from the ceiling.

Let your creative juices flow and voila’ a themed party room will emerge.


Once again, let creativity rule. Think of your theme and see if you can come up with some ideas using a play on words. Create a sign and place by each food item to identify it’s new theme name. For example, serve peanut butter & jellyfish sandwiches and Goldfish crackers for a Finding Nemo party theme.

At a superhero party, you could serve mini super “hero sandwiches.”

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