Sweet 16 Party Themes For Your Party

Sweet 16 Party Themes For Your Party


Planning a Sweet 16 Party and trying to decide on a party theme? There are so many wonderful party themes to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the more common themes. These themes will work fantastic if you have a time crunch and need to get the party planning done quickly. 16 has always been considered to be sweet and there is no doubt that when you want to turn 16, you want everything to be perfect including your sweet 16 birthday party. There is no need to worry because with the right sweet 16 party ideas, you can have a party to cherish. There are so many thing that will go into planning a modern sweet 16 party. Things have changed and at this age, kids want to have more freedom and assume adult roles and this is best translated in their choices for parties. Therefore, if you are planning this party for someone, find out what their preferences will be and chances are that nothing boring will feature. You need to think of adventure when you are planning and there are many sweet 16 party ideas that you will find helpful.

1. Fairytale Party Theme. Every little girls dream is to be a princess. A fairytale themed Sweet 16 party is a fantastic way to make that dream realty ‘ at least for one day.

2. Favorite Color Party Theme. Using the Sweet 16’s favorite color, design a celebration using that color in the favors, decorations, party dress, cake and more.

3. Beach Party Theme. Always a favorite, the beach party theme is actually easy to recreate at a backyard pool, picnic area, and community recreation center and at the lake or ocean.

4. Hollywood Glamour Party. Think of Hollywood in the good old days. Women dressed to impress and dapper men. Have your guests dress in the style of their favorite glamorous movie star.

5. Surprise Sweet 16 Party. May not be easy to keep the party of secret from your Sweet 16, but if you can do it ‘ it will be all worth it. Select a secluded location and swear all the guests to secrecy.

6. Musical Sweet 16. Choosing music from any favorite decade, plan the Sweet 16 party around the music. 50’s music can be a sock hop. 70’s music is disco inspired.

If you have more time, the following Sweet 16 party themes will be well worth the planning and effort you put into them:

1. Las Vegas Casino Night. What could be more fun that a party with a Las Vegas Theme. Decorate the location casino style with card tables, dice games, and playing card party favors that can be used during the party then taken home by your guests. Use a large marquee in front of the hall that announces the event for the day. Remember, what happens in Vegas Baby….

2. Masquerade Sweet 16 Party. I don’t think I know any teenager that wouldn’t love to wear a mask to a party. Decorate this themed party in silver and gold sprinkled with other dramatic colors like burgundy or sapphire blue for effect. Have your guests dress up and provide them with a mask when they enter the hall or room. Choose matching favor boxes filled with trinkets to give your guests on the way out the door.

3. Willy Wonka Candy Themed Party. An all time favorite movie becomes a fantastic party theme. After you have selected the location for the party, it’s time to really get creative. Choose a chocolate fountain with plenty of dipping items like marshmallows, bananas, and strawberries. Place large bowls throughout the room filled to the brim with M&M’s, Sweet Tarts, Jolly Ranchers and any other favorite candy. The cake should be decorated all around with candy with Jessica’s ‘SWEET’ 16 in the center. Fill party favor boxes or bags with sweet treats for your guests to take home.

Start with sweet 16 party ideas for themes. Themes are very crucial because they set the pace for the rest of the party. Therefore, make sure that the birthday girl or boy loves the theme because if not, themes will fall flat on your face. This is because teenagers are more sensitive to such matters. If it is a surprise party, you need to do your homework well and there is no doubt that you are going to find something suitable. Examples of popular themes are sweet 16 cheerleader party, sugary sweet 16, car crazy sweet 16, luau, fiesta, sweet dreams slumber party, Hollywood theme, bowling theme and the list goes on. A theme will make any party look and feel enjoyable.

Sweet 16 party ideas for invitations are important. There are several categories you have the invitations in and the first one is drivers license invitations, personalized invitations, back stage pass invitations, nifty caricatures and many more. There are also many kinds of party favors and below are few examples of what you can do. The first is a personalized candy bar wrapper which is sure to be enjoyed by your guests. Personalized mint tins will also make a statement. For the girls, disco ball necklaces and earrings will do the trick. Also, you can decorate your guests with raindrop tiaras and this favor will surely crown the party. Other favors you can do are wrist streamers, sequined hats and the ideas are many. Do not forget that you need to have games for this party.

Sweet 16 party ideas for games are overwhelming. One of the most popular game is a dance off where dancing is the mainstay. People will dance until the music dies which can take very long. This game is part of the sweet 16 culture and many people have had this game in their parties. Also to do with music, you can have a sweet 16 karaoke contest. Another one is project runway contest which involves a fashion show complete with judges. It is so much fun especially for girls. Many parties have a live band to perform or invite a disk jockey to keep the music flowing. The bottom line is to have plenty of fun.

We hope the few ideas above helps you get started to create the Sweet 16 party that dreams are made of. Most importantly, have fun.

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