Sweet 16 Formal Party Ideas For Your Girls

Sweet 16 Formal Party Ideas For Your Girls

If your girls will celebrate a party, in here I will share some ideas about sweet 16 party ideas. If you are planning to throw a formal sweet 16 birthday party, then these ideas just might come in handy. These formal sweet 16 ideas are mainly geared toward medium and larger parties. Why is a formal party so great for a sweet 16, you may ask? Well formal parties are geared toward wearing great dresses, some fine dining, living elaborate for a few hours, and just having lots of fun! Sixteenth birthday party ideas are excellent for every girl who wants to have a unique and fun birthday party. We are devoted to make your sixteenth birthday the greatest celebration you have ever experienced! From simple parties to large, extravagant celebrations, we have everything to fit your needs.

sweet 16 party ideas
sweet 16 party ideas

Party Tips for Mom and Dad
These tips below are based toward advice for the party planning parents.

Surprise Party: Why not give your daughter a surprise party? Scoop up her phone book or cell phone and secretly call up her friends and invite them over yourself.

You can also email them or send them out some invitations. This is always a very exciting way to plan and celebrate a party, without the birthday girl even knowing!

The Birthday Girls Interests:
Think of all of your daughters interests and hobbies, and plan a party with the theme of her interests, and maybe do some activities that she really enjoys.

Be around, but give the kids some space.
The birthday girl will of course love your company at her party, but she will also like the privacy to gossip and chit chat with her other friends. Poke in and out of the party, join in, but not in the gossip!

sweet 16 birthday cake
sweet 16 birthday cake

The dress codes for all should be formal. This means the gals get to wear the pretty dresses, and the guys should be spiffy in their penguin suits. At a formal sweet 16, there is usually a grand entrance. This is where the birthday girl makes a loud or royal like appearance after making her guests wait. Some parties have had the birthday girl enter the scene on red carpet, other parties through a dance that was choreographed. Whichever way you choose, make sure that it is surely grand!

  • The decorations generally look more elegant. Lots of floral, a matching color scheme of balloons and streamers, and the real deal NON recyclable plates!
  • You can have a little buffet table with hordervs for the guests to snack on as they mingle, with small plates on the side. A large bowl of punch is also a great idea.
  • Hiring a caterer makes life so much easier if you have it in your budget. They also have servers that you can hire at banquet halls.
  • A live band would be great if you plan for a dance. If you can find a venue with a stage, that would be fantastic. A DJ would also be a great idea if you don’t want a live band to perform.
  • You can hire a limo to pick up the birthday girl and a few of her best friends to make things even more exciting.
  • You can leave one or two disposable cameras on each table for the guests to snap pictures. This will ensure that you will not miss a photographic moment of this celebration.
  • You can buy fondue fountains also. These give a really elegant look, and you will have tons of delicious chocolate pouring down. Strawberries and other fresh fruit are great with chocolate fondue.
Dress Sweet 16 Party Themes
Sweet 16 party themes are important to make your party unique, fun, easier to arrange and of course nicer to look at. Sixteenth birthday party ideas always need interesting themes such as:
* A dance party
* Candy party
* Caribbean Party
* Flower Power Party
* Glow in the dark party
Sweet 16 Party Games
There are so many party games in the world to pick that it’s sometimes difficult to even think of one! Party games are excellent to help break the ice at parties, for teens to get to know each other, and pass the time smoothly and safely.

There are:
* Food games
* Indoor games
* Outdoor games
* Balloons games
* Slumber party games and so much more.

Well I hope these ideas really give you something to think about. I also hope you got some useful ideas out of this. Happy sweet 16 and have fun planning your formal party.

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