The Best Princess Party Ideas

The Best Princess Party Ideas

The ultimate princes party is every little girls dream. Make her dreams come try by throwing her a fun and simple princess themed party, You have found the place for ideas to make your royal celebration unforgettable. On this site you will find suggestions for princess invitations, themes, decorations, party games, princess crafts, party favors and much more.

princess party ideas photo
princess party ideas

If your daughter loves princesses. On her 5th birthday she had her first princess-themed party. It was fun and festive for all of us, but a lot of work to come up with ideas for invitations, decorations, cakes and princess party games. Each year, we choose another princess-themed party and start the process all over again. I started thinking that I should share some of the ideas with people who want to have their own princess party. So I’ve created this website to help bring ideas and resources to you as you plan your perfect princess party, filled with unique and memorable festivities.

princess party ideas picture
princess party ideas picture

Start with the invitations. You can find some princess clip art online or make it old world princess by getting some parchment paper with “Hear Ye, Hear Ye” on it announcing your child’s birthday party. You could then tie it with a beautiful bow and give it or send it to guests. You can decide whether you want to the guests to come dressed up as their favorite princess or not. You may want to mention they can wear a regular dress if they don’t have a princess dress. Often, a princess dress up will be handed out with the invitations for the child to wear to the party.

princess party ideas photo
princess party ideas photo

Next the venue, wether the party is at your home or at a party hall, make sure it is decorated with pink and white ballons and glitter and sparkles everywhere. You can even put glitter in clear balloons to make it extra special. You can get happy birthday princess signs for make some for your little one’s special day.

What to wear? She must have a darling and frilly princess dress up costume. Little Adventures is a great and quality brand that will last for many princess parties to come. Best of all, if your little one spills, you can throw her dress right into the wash.

Make it a red carpet affair by having a red carpet where the little girls can do a fashion show to display their beautiful princess costumes. You could have an announcer that says something like, “And here comes princess Ashley down the red carpet in her beautiful Cinderella costume,” etc.

You can have princess games and activities at the party like decorating tiaras or headbands or free princess games found online. IF your guests are too young for games, you can find free coloring pages.

princess party ideas photo 2
princess party ideas photo 2

The best part is the eating! There are special castle bundt pans you can gt to make your little girl’s day extra special and simple for you. You can find them on Amazon. Decorate them with jewel candies and princess flags and Voila! Instant beautiful cake. If you don’t want to make a cake, you can have the girls decorate their own cupcakes or sugar cookies.

As your guests depart from the ball, send them home with a parting gift like a princess wand, or princess tiara in a bag filled with stickers, candy and a coloring page for later with crayons or markers. After the party, make sure to send thank you notes to the children who gave your child a gift in the same style as the invitation. Most of all, have fun and ask for help, so you can enjoy your little girl’s special day!

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