Kids Birthday Cake Ideas

boy birthday cake ideas

boy birthday cake ideas

There are always the old standbys that almost every kid will enjoy, like pirates and princesses. Make her a ballerina cake in the style of the much-loved Barbie doll angel food cake, putting a real doll into a baked cake and decorating the doll and cake with frosting. Is your little girl an aspiring ballerina? You can bake a football-shaped cake with the help of a special pan, then decorate it with your son’s jersey number in the school’s colors.

children's birthday cake ideas kids

children’s birthday cake ideas

kids Does your son play on the school football team? Some other popular birthday cake ideas for kids play on a special interest of the child. These pans usually come with decorating ideas and instructions to help you make the perfect character cake. Even if you have no experience making decorated birthday cakes, specialty pans make it easier than ever to make the perfect Dora the Explorer cake for your little girl, or Spiderman cake for your little boy. A plain sheet cake can be transformed into a Harry Potter spell book with some strategic frosting placement and a few small plastic decorations.

kids birthday cake ideas

kids birthday cupcake ideas

kids birthday cupcake ideas

spiderman birthday cake

spiderman birthday cake
It’s usually not hard at all to find cake decorations that tie in to major movie releases. Does your child have one favorite movie that they watch over and over?  One of the most popular ideas is to create a cake with a movie theme.

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