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This is classic among birthday party games for older children. Prior to the party, buy some toothpicks and a good supply of Lifesavers candy. Split the guests up into even teams – 4 or more players per team works best – and hand out one Lifesaver per team and one toothpick per player. Team members must stand in a line one behind the other, with the object being to pass a lifesaver from the front of the line to the back of the line and back again, via a toothpick held between each player’s lips. If a team drops their Lifesaver they must start the race over again; the first team to pass their lifesaver up and back without dropping it is the winner of this challenging birthday party game.
free birthday party games

“Balloon Jumping Relay” Birthday Party Game
When it comes to birthday party games, anything that involves balloons is fantastic. Set up this birthday party game by placing markers (buckets and pot-plants are good) about 10 meters away from the starting line, and blowing up plenty of balloons. Players split up into teams of 4 or more players, with one blown-up balloon being given to each team. Team members line up, and the first player has to put the balloon between his or her feet and jump all the way to the markers and back. If they burst or drop the balloon, they must return to the starting line, get another balloon if needed and try again. The first team to have all members complete one lap successfully is the winner of this fun birthday party game.
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Kids Birthday Party Ideas
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