The wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton

Prince William and his fiancée, Catherine (Kate) Middleton have moved a step closer to finalizing their wedding plans today. The pair was spotted leaving Westminster Abbey after a private tour – has always been the favorite venue for the Royal wedding.

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The couple said in an interview this week that they wanted to make their wedding day plans ‘mindful’ of the current global economic crisis . However, Conservative Prime Minster David Cameron has said to have urged the Prince to consider making more of a public spectacle, like there was for the Prince’s own parents’ ill-fated marriage.

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The choice of Westminster Abbey would be poignant and would perhaps revive memories of the untimely funeral of William’s mother, Princess Diana. But the choice of St. Paul’s Cathedral would undoubtedly draw parallels with Diana’s doomed marriage to Prince Charles.

Royal Wedding of Prince William Kate Middleton 2011
That comparison is something that William, nor Kate, need. The similarities are already there for all to see. Kate is not a member of the aristocracy; her parents are self-made millionaires.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding

She, like Diana before her (although Diana was titled) is fueling the dreams of ordinary girls being able to marry princes.
The engagement ring that William gave Kate was Princess Diana’s own engagement ring. That in itself has caused controversy, since after Diana famously said ‘there were three of us in the marriage’, the Charles and Diana fairytale rapidly unraveled and became seen as rather a sham. No-one wants that for William. ‘Recycling’ the engagement ring does, however, fit in with their professed desire not to be too extravagant with the wedding, so perhaps they may after all choose a smaller venue like St. George’s Chapel at Windsor or even the chapel used by the Household Cavalry, in which he served.

For now, the fairytale lives. So where would you like to see the royal couple marry? And should it be a public day of celebration or a low key, low budget affair.
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