1st Birthday Cake Ideas

1st birthday cupcake ideas

Ice cream cakes have grown in popularity in recent years and you can get them at Dairy Queen, Cold Stone, Baskin Robbins, and at other popular ice cream chains. They can be decorated in many ways so it is certainly something to consider. You can always still get a personal size normal cake for your baby to dig in to.

1st birthday cake recipes

Speaking of personal cakes, don’t forget to order one for your baby when placing your order. Some bakeries will even give you a free personal size cake when you order your baby’s first birthday cake from them so be sure to ask!

1st birthday cupcake ideas

1st birthday cake decoration ideas

Finally, if you aren’t sure what you want, ask to see a book of what the bakery offers. Ask for suggestions and make sure to get there advice what size cake to order so that you have enough to accommodate all your party guests.

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