Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes

birthday cake designs

Another idea is to keep the guest list to sixteen friends. When thinking about a more “sweet” party, consider sixteen delicate and tiny birthday cakes surrounding one floral arrangement. Ideas for an informal 16th party can take advantage of the classic teen foods like pizza, ice cream sundaes, sub sandwiches, nachos, and lots of soda.
sweet 16 birthday cakes
This cake idea can be used for any party theme. Or you can decorate them to look like little colored trucks or cars. With a little creativity, have fun with a frosting bag and create patterns to simulate gift wrapping paper and ribbons. Instead of round cupcakes, you can also make square or rectangular ones, and decorate each with colored frosting to make them look like tiny gift boxes.
sweet 16 birthday ideas
This would look cute for a children’s party theme, where guests can dress up like little kids. With small round cupcakes, put colored frosting on top and arrange them so the cake would look like bubbles or balloons. A fairy theme would also be nice, with guests carrying wands and wearing shimmering pink wings. This cake would also be perfect if the party has a ballerina theme.
sweet 16 birthday cake
You can use one color, or mixed pastel shades of pink, yellow and light orange. When arranged well, the cakes would look like little pots of flowers in a flower garden. Trim them with little flowers made of icing.  Another cake idea for the princess theme is to make small cupcakes and put them in a multi-layered cake stand.

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