Graduation Party Decorations

graduation party decoration

Graduation Party Decorations

The only way The graduation party was booked in lots of time but the budget seemed uncertain. The first time we decorated a school gym hall for a 1970s theme party we had great fun. Now for our second and third children graduating we are a great team. The first time we worked together we figured out a basic set of decorations and built up from there with the available budget.

graduation party decoration Ideas

Graduation Party Decorations Ideas

We are much more ambitious now. Buoyed up by this first success I now find that a team effort, and our past experiences, have made us quite good at party decorations. The result was actually pretty good. However once I got involved with a team who were decorating a school gym for a 1970s theme party I found that the further we looked into what we could do the more ideas we came up with.

graduation party decorations

Graduation Party Decoration
I was happy to decorate with a banner, some balloons and lots of streamers. I can’t say I ever thought I had any expertise in party decorations, or any other aspects of a party. One of the fun tasks is buying and setting out the graduation party decorations. That will include the budget, booking entertainment, preparing the venue and creating a rather large plan of things to do.

graduation party decorations Picture
Once you have agreed to either host a graduation party at your home, or you have agreed to be part of the organising committee for a larger party at say a school gym, it is important to get to work on all aspects of the party.

graduation party table decorations

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