Snoopy Birthday Party Ideas

Snoopy Birthday Party Ideas

With the new 3-D Peanuts Movie coming out soon, we know there’s been a lot more buzz about Charlie Brown, Snoopy and his friends among our kids — and we’re so happy! We’re all big fans of the Peanut gang going way back, and if you’re thinking of throwing a Peanuts themed party, we’ve got a ton of really fun ideas and activities that can help make your Peanuts party starring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and even the little red-haired girl a great one.

Create your own V.I.P. pass and send it to your party guests as an invitation. Your Snoopy invitations should be double-sided. One side will contain all of your party details such as your birthday boy or girl’s name, the party’s location etc.


For your Snoopy Birthday Cake you can still find some of the Wilton Snoopy Cake Pans available on EBay or you can purchase one of the many designs available in a Personalized Edible Snoopy Cake Image. You can also get creative on your own and just add some cute Snoopy Figures to the top of your cake – it all depends on your time and how involved you want to get, but you have options.


If you are like me and like cupcakes at your party you can use these Snoopy Cupcake Rings to the top of them and the kids get an extra treat they can take home. You can also just add some fun Dog Bone Candies on the tops or even small Snoopy Cookies placed on them.


One of our favorite ways to serve ice cream cake at parties is to slice up the cake and use it as the base for a DIY ice cream sundae bar. Set out fun sprinkles, hot fudge, candy corn, caramel sauce and other favorite toppings. Kids love it, plus it helps stave off the debates about who got more clouds or who got more of Snoopy’s face on their slice.

With a little legwork, you can host an inexpensive party featuring the Peanuts gang. From the food to the party games, all of the ideas you need for a great Snoopy party are on the following pages. They’ve also been fully tested and kid-approved.


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