Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement party ideas are considered very important for to-be-engaged couples since it will be a major milestone in their lives. Various ideas can be employed and implemented for making the engagement party as memorable as possible.

Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement parties are a common pre-wedding celebration thrown in honor of a newly engaged couple. Typically, these parties take place within three months of the announcement of the engagement, and are a casual affair to bring the bride and groom’s families together.

Engagement Party Ideas Decoration

Just as at a wedding, flowers are commonplace at engagement parties. By festooning your party area with delicate blooms, you can create an understated elegance that is ideal for the celebration of an upcoming marriage. Select several hues for your decorating theme and purchase an assortment of flowers in those tones. Create centerpieces, craft food table decorations and perhaps even make corsages or boutonnieres to carry these blooms through the entire event.

Engagement Party Ideas 3

In years past, parents were responsible for throwing engagement parties. Today, many friends and more distant family members take on the responsibility. If you are throwing an engagement party and are not the parents of the bride or groom, make efforts to make these parents feel special, as this union not only unites their children, but also their families as a whole. Set aside a special place for them to sit, allow them to give speeches and make sure to introduce them to the guests.

Engagement Party Ideas 2

If you don’t want to host the party at your house, consider having it at your favorite local Mexican restaurant. Many restaurants rent out spaces in their businesses for parties; as a bonus, the restaurant takes care of the food and often even the decorations. All you have to do is invite people.

Engagement Party Ideas 1

Food is one of the most expensive elements of an engagement party, especially if you are catering to a large group. Instead of serving a full buffet style meal, serve a variety of simple snacks and appetizers. Tortilla rolls, chips and dip, mini quesadillas and fresh vegetables are all examples of quick snacks that are inexpensive to serve. For beverages, serve something simple and non-alcoholic to keep your budget at the absolute minimum. Lemonade, tea and coffee can all be served inexpensively to a large group.

Elegant Engagement Party Ideas

Give your guests something sweet to take with them by creating bride and groom candy apples. Create standard caramel apples by dipping red or green apples into caramel. Next, transform these apples by using white chocolate to cover one, thus creating a wedding dress, and crafting a tuxedo out of white and milk chocolate on the other. Give each guest a duo of apples as they leave the event as a tasty way to thank them for their attendance.

Creative Engagement Party Ideas