Toy Story Party Ideas

Toy Story Party Ideas

Toy story party ideas are perhaps one of the most popular cartoon themes especially among kids aged around 8 years old. Creating this kind of party is pretty simple provided that you take into account the various essential aspects such as invitation, decoration, food and drinks, party activities as well as the party favours.

Toy Story 3 Party

The “Toy Story” movie series has awed young viewers with a world where toys come alive, including favorite characters such as space traveller Buzz Light-year and cowboy Woody. A “Toy Story” birthday party should include elements that relate to characters or situations in the movie. The party can focus on one particular character if the birthday child has a favorite, or it can incorporate elements relating to all of the characters.

Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas

For the party invitation, you may take a photo of the birthday child surrounded by his favourite toys, including those found in the “Toy Story” movies if he has any of them. Use the photo on the front of the invitation and write the party details inside. A Buzz-themed party invitation can include his catchphrase: “To infinity and beyond!” The Birthday in a Box website suggests the following wording: “Come to our party with Buzz Light-year and Woody. You’ll eat yummy food and go home with some goodies!

Toy Story Party Decorations

To create more fun for the party, you can have the kids come dressed as their favourite toy. It can be any toy, as long as they try to dress up accordingly and bring the toy with them. Make it into a contest where the best dressed child wins a prize.

Toy Story Party Ideas For Kids

Incorporate Buzz Light-year and the other Toy Story characters into the party decor. Use toy replicas of the characters to create centrepieces for the tables. Hang posters from “Toy Story” that feature Buzz Light-year to carry the theme to the walls. Photocopy the cover from the movie or other pictures from the story to create your own posters. Blow up the images for poster-sized decorations. Pull colours for the party decorations from Buzz Light-year’s space suit; use lime green, orange, turquoise and purple in the balloons, confetti, plates, streamers and other party elements.

Toy Story Party Ideas

The characters in the first “Toy Story” movie visit Pizza Planet for an important scene, so a pizza meal would fit in well with the theme. Other ideas include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut with cookie cutters into shapes from the movies, such as a star sheriff badge, spaceship or race car. Decorate the cake with “Toy Story” figurines or use coloured icing to draw some characters, such as Woody, Buzz, Mr Potato Head or Jessie.

Toy Story Party Supplies

Provide the birthday party guests with a favour bag as a thank you for attending the party. Purchase Buzz Light-year favour bags, or create your own by adding stickers and images of Buzz Light-year to paper bags. Fill the favour bags with toys, stickers and other small items with a Buzz Light-year theme. Include items with a general space theme, such as glow-in-the-dark stars, to expand the favour options.

Toy Story Party

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