Pirate Party Ideas

Pirate Party Ideas

Pirate party ideas are great not only for kids but adults as well. Many creative ideas can be implemented to complement this party theme so as to create a splendid party for everyone. Some ideas include the scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, as well as the pirate-related decorations.

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Pirates bring out the inner child in many people, but you don’t have to be a kid to party like a pirate. Throw a pirate-themed party just for the adults for a different and exciting evening. Whether your party is inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow or just a love of rum, you and your guests will have an enjoyable time at an all-adults pirate party.

Pirate Party Ideas For Boys

A scavenger hunt is perfect for the younger crowd. Write out a list of some simple-to-find items. Look around the party area, and jot down some ideas. Add some pirate-themed clues, such as a hanging tree or the bootlegger’s rock. Give each child a list to check off on the hunt. Fill a small chest or box with pirate booty for the child to pick from once she finishes her list.

Pirate Party Supplies For Kids

A large number of guests is a perfect opportunity for a group treasure hunt. Use large paper, such as a poster board, to draw up a big map to each treasure. Have a treasure hidden for each team to find. Rip the map into pieces equal to the number of teams without the children knowing who their teammates are. The first step will be for the child to match up the map pieces to find her team. Send them off on the hunt. Have a separate treasure prize for the team who finishes first.

Pirates Party Ideas For Kids

The decor at a pirate theme party should be very nautical. Any reference to ships, water, or anchors will help build up the party atmosphere. For even more fun, consider “Jolly Roger” skull and crossbones. Pass out eye patches at the door, along with plastic swords or three-corner pirate hats. The food and refreshments are not as important as the presentation, really. Serve beverages in rustic looking mugs, or paper cups with skulls and crossbones painted on the side. Scatter along the table gold coins or fake jewels to look like pirate booty. You could even serve some of the food in a treasure chest.

Pirates Party Ideas

Pirate Party Ideas

Party favours are a popular part of any birthday celebration for boys. Low-cost favours can include a small cardboard chest filled with gold foil-covered chocolate coins and colourful hard candy or a plastic pirate eye patch with matching bandanna. Expensive favours can include a pirate costume set with eye patch, sword, sheath, belt and bandanna, or a DVD of a popular kids’ pirate movie.

Childrens Pirate Party Ideas

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