First Communion Party Ideas

First Communion Party Ideas

First communion party ideas can be the warmest party that the guests will experience. Some of the considerations that will need to take into account include the invitations, decorations, food and drinks, as well as the party activities and games.

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Your child’s First Communion is a special time and you naturally want to celebrate the occasion with your family and friends. Plan a party to occur immediately after she receives her First Communion or a few days later. With the right elements, the party can be something memorable for everyone.

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Everyone in your church who has children celebrating First Communion is likely to want to celebrate that day. These people are unlikely to attend your party, as they’ll be having their own. While your immediate family will definitely come to your party, other friends may receive more than one invitation. Send out invitations early to ensure that those you want to attend will have enough notice.

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Although it’s a joyous celebration, a First Communion requires less decorations and dazzle than a birthday party, so you don’t need a lot of streamers and balloons. Tasteful decorations in white or pearl are your best bet. You can have a few balloons, use white tablecloths and decorate with a few bunches of fresh flowers. On your main table, you may want to have a decorative cross.

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion Party

If you are having your party at a budget venue, or in your basement, garage or other location, and you feel the surroundings are a bit drab and dreary for the occasion, brighten them up with fabric. Inexpensive, lightweight fabric such as tulle, or whatever white fabric you find in the discount bin at your craft store, is a fast way to instantly dress up any wall. Hang fabric by stapling it or tacking it to the wall, using a strong double-sided tape for lightweight fabrics. Put up tension rods or hang a taught clothesline against the wall from corner to corner and drape the fabric over it.

Communion Party Ideas

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Children who receive communion are usually around the age of seven. Considering it is a child’s party, balloons make a very fun and festive addition to the decor. A cluster of balloons tied to a weight with curly ribbons makes a great table centrepiece, and won’t take a big bite out of your budget. A side benefit of balloons, if you are having a lot of kids at the party, is that the balloons can be distributed to the children to play with to keep them occupied. For an added bonus, put confetti or tiny, lightweight prizes inside balloons so that when they burst, guests will be showered with fun surprises.

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You’ll probably have a mixture of adults and children at the party, which can make it difficult to have organized activities. You could set up a table where guests can decorate their own cross-shaped cookie with frosting and candies. You could also play games with a religious twist, such as musical chairs using religious songs.

First Communion Party Ideas

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Food items related to communion are always memorable. You can use a cake that looks like a chalice and host. The child gets his own host cake and feels very special. You can serve bread, wine, and fish fingers to emulate Jesus serving bread and fish to his followers. For children, grape juice is a good wine substitute. You can also serve cheese, which goes well with bread and wine. Since the party will have many children, you can opt to buy an ice cream cake so that you don’t incur the extra cost of buying ice cream separately.

First Communion Party

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