Fairy Party Ideas

Fairy Party Ideas

Fairy party ideas can be a unique and exciting celebration for kids’ birthday. You can, of course, make use of some great themes to further enhance the overall party. However, there are some considerations as well to take into account such as the decoration, invitation, food and drinks, and also the party games and activities.

Fairy Party Supplies

Enchant a lucky little girl and her guests with a fairy princess party. Welcome eager little fairies-to-be into your home with a sprinkle of pink, fairy-dust glitter-gently tossed by a fairy helper at your front door. Fairy parties are all the rage with young girls, so finding supplies you will need to pull the event together may seem as easy as waving a sparkly, ribbon-wrapped fairy wand.

Fairy Parties

Try a flower fairy tea party, which can be simple and less expensive. For invitations, use a flower for each guest and attach the flower to a tag (in the shape of a ribbon) made out of construction paper. The tag needs to be large enough to detail the date and time of the party, the occasion and the guest of honour’s name. If you want to be even more creative, you can name the guest by the flower you have chosen for her. For example, if she received a Lilly, you can give her the fairy flower name Fairy Lilly. For the food and beverages, you can have tea cups with flower decorations and sandwiches made in the shape of flowers (using a cookie cutter). To add excitement, each flower fairy can be given a flower seed, or small flower that she represents to take home, and plant in remembrance of the flower fairy party.


Popular fairies like Tinkerbelle have full sets of premade party decorations. Whether adding to a premade set or starting from scratch, there are a number of ways to achieve an enchanted fairy atmosphere. Some countries refer to holiday tree lights as fairy lights. Wind strands of string lights around the room for a magical, twinkling effect. You can decorate chairs and tables using coloured tulle fabric and ribbons. Use silk or paper flowers to make a room fit for a fairy princess.

Fairy Party Ideas For Girls

A major component of a fairy birthday party is costumes for the attendees. You can purchase inexpensive fairy wings at costume shops or help children to create their own. In addition to wings, make body glitter, simple tutus and other pretty dress-up items available. No fairy costume would be complete without a magic wand. Purchase wands in advance, or have guests make and decorate them as part of the party.

Fairy Party Ideas

To feed the party’s fairies, create some fairy food. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and use cookie cutters to transform them into flowers and stars. Hollow out vegetables to hold dips and fill a large fruit bowl with sparkling apple cider and raspberries. Serve “magic wand’ frosted pretzel sticks. The cake should also carry the fairy theme. Attached fairy toys and edible sprinkles into a cake’s colourful frosting. For more adventurous bakers, make a cake shaped as a fairy castle surrounded by flowers and butterflies.

Fairy Princess Party Ideas

You can adapt almost any birthday party game as a fairy game. For example, Fairy Tag follows the normal rules of tag, but the fairy who is “it” must tap another person with her wand instead of her hand. A Fairy Hunt is a treasure hunt where you hide images of fairies and provide clues that lead the group to a final prize.

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