High School Graduation Party Ideas

High School Graduation Party Ideas

There are various high school graduation ideas which can be employed for celebrating the significant graduation moment. Organizing the party with a theme is indeed a great choice. Some examples include the farewell high school themed party, graduation pool party, Hawaiian themed party, as well as the career themed party.

Graduation Party Decorations

Graduating from high school is a defining moment in every young person’s life, not to mention his parents. That’s why throwing a graduation party is so important. When it comes to graduation party themes, you may feel limited. But just think toward the future. What is this young person doing next? What are her future goals? Where does he see himself in five years? Have fun with a high school graduation party because it is the only one a young person will ever have.

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There’s nothing wrong with celebrating a high school graduation by giving high school a fond farewell. Make blackboards by painting poster board with blackboard paint and use them as signs. Put one in front of the party location announcing the guest of honour. Place them around the party venue for guests to leave inspiring advice to the recent grad. For favours, hand out mini-chalkboards and write a personal message to all of your graduate’s fellow classmates.

Graduation Party Ideas

High School Graduation Party Ideas

A graduation pool party provides built-in entertainment for the guests. Bright decorations, including inflatable pool toys, add fitting decor for the pool party. If a backyard pool is not a possibility, check with public pools or private clubs that may offer the rental of their pool facilities. A local beach allows for a slight twist on the pool party theme and offers just as many entertainment possibilities. The beach option provides the ideal setting for a graduation luau.

Graduation Party

Since most high school graduations take place at the start of summer, take advantage of the warm weather by throwing a Hawaiian-themed graduation party. If you have a pool, throw the party at your house. If not, see if you can rent the pool at your local recreation centre for the day. Decorate with inflatable palm trees and distribute floral leis as guests arrive. Organize a hula hooping or hula dance contest as well as a limbo contest. Serve a cake that has the graduate’s senior photo screened onto it.

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Some careers make better party themes than others. For instance, you may not want to design a party around the theme of dentistry. If your child wants to be an artist or to work in films though, you may be able to plan her party around her future career choice. Throw a movie-themed party by setting up a big screen in your living room or backyard and screening your child’s favourite films. Serve popcorn and decorate with empty film reels and director’s chairs.

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