Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Little mermaid party ideas are one of the greatest gifts that you can give for kids who love the story of mermaids. Some considerations to take into account for this kind of party include the invitations, decorations, food and drinks, games and activities, as well as the party favours.

Little Mermaid Party Decorations

Mermaid-themed birthday parties are terrific for little girls, especially if your little girl is a fan of the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.” Set the mood with ocean-themed decorations plus games, mermaid-themed finger foods and arts-and-crafts activities.

Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Think underwater when you are planning your Little Mermaid party decorations. Hang paper or blown-up fish and other sea animals from the ceiling along with blue streamers and balloons. Cover the table with blue tablecloths, and scatter shells on it. A fish tank filled with water and plastic fish, crabs and starfish makes a cute underwater centrepiece for the table. Hang a large piece of butcher paper on a wall, and decorate it with pictures of Ariel, Flounder and their friends from the movie.

Little Mermaid Party Supplies

Food should be simple but imaginative. You can make a cake in the shape of Ariel or you can try making a sheet cake with blue icing on which you can arrange Little Mermaid figurines such as Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder. Another treat is ocean-inspired Jell-O cups. Pour unset blue Jell-O into small, clear cups and then press a Swedish Fish into the Jell-O while it’s still setting. If you are having a meal, try seafood selections like crab cakes, fish sticks and shrimp cocktail. If the kids you’re inviting aren’t big seafood fans, try chicken nuggets cut into the shape of fish. You can also place bowls of goldfish crackers around the room.

Little Mermaid Party

Mermaid Party

Keep the children entertained with games and crafts to prevent them from becoming bored. While there should be enough activities to keep the party moving along, each activity must be short enough to keep the girls’ attention. Crafts are a hit with girls in this age group, and there are many different ideas that fit into the beach or mermaid category. Treasure chests, mermaid dolls and Ariel’s crown are just a few options to choose from. For a relay-style hidden treasure game, fill two large containers with sand or rice, and hide several small beach-themed items such as sunglasses, a beach hat and a shovel in both containers. Divide the children into two teams, and have a child from each team race one at a time to the container to find an item. Once she finds an item, she will return to her team, and the next child will go. The team whose members have found all the items first wins.
As for the party favours, there are various ideas which you can employed. You can delight partygoers with decorated fish bowls filled with treats. Enhance small glass or plastic fish bowls with “The

Mermaid Party Ideas

Little Mermaid” stickers for a customised look. Fill the bowls with sea-inspired candy treats such as gummy fish and sharks. Include a bottle of bubbles to complete the water-themed favour. Treat birthday party celebrants to a box filled with chocolates. Decorate small gold cardboard boxes with “The Little Mermaid” stickers. Glue flat-backed light blue plastic gems all over the box to resemble bubbles. Fill the boxes with several seashell-shaped chocolates.

The Little Mermaid Party Ideas

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