Office Party Ideas

Office Party Ideas

Office party ideas are great for celebrating birthdays of co-workers or even your boss. It may not need to be formal at all since the main purpose is to have fun and enjoy the whole party. You can choose to have it in the office or maybe somewhere outside the office as well.

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Celebrating birthdays at the office can be tricky, as and parties can get expensive and take time away from the work day; additionally, not everyone in the office might agree that birthday celebrations are important or appropriate in the workplace. What’s more, at larger offices, there may be several birthdays every month, or even week, so celebrating them all may not be practical.

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For larger offices, group birthday parties can recognize several workers’ birthdays at the same time. If five workers have a birthday in a certain month, it is much more practical to have a single party for that month than to have five individual parties. It may seem that group parties will detract from celebrating each individual, but one larger party can be more elaborate and even more memorable than several smaller ones. A typical group party might consist of an hour or two of social time with snacks, a cake and beverages. If celebrating each individual birthday, you’d probably have time for only a quick “Happy Birthday” and cake that everyone takes back to their desks. More elaborate monthly celebrations are possible, but probably work better with smaller groups, as planning takes a lot of work.

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Depending on your workplace, it may be a better option to celebrate a coworker’s birthday somewhere other than the office. The office is a place for work, and it can be hard to get in the mood to have a good time when you are still at work. Plus, some offices may frown upon celebrations during work hours. A small group can treat the birthday honoree to lunch or go out to happy hour or dinner after work. If you can, take a longer-than-usual lunch break for the party; consider finding a local restaurant with specials for birthdays to get more out of the party. Make sure that all of the coworkers in attendance chip in to cover the meal or drinks for the guest of honor.

Office Party Ideas For Summer

For a funny office birthday party prank, have the entire office pretend to have a morning meeting before the honoree arrives at work. When the honoree arrives at work and sees everyone else in his department in a meeting, he’ll think he forgot about a scheduled meeting and is in trouble. Have your boss tell him that his “presence wasn’t needed at the meeting” and that the boss would like to speak with him that afternoon. That should plant the seed in the honoree’s mind that he’s either in big trouble or possibly about to be fired. Ideally, this will be something for him to worry about for the rest of the day. When the time for the afternoon meeting occurs, the honoree should meet with the boss in the boss’ office. The boss should say something like “It’s been brought to my attention … that you’re … another year older!” At this time, the rest of the office staff should throw open the door and yell “Happy Birthday!” holding a cake with lighted candles.

Office Party Ideas

Moreover, perhaps you can also plan a birthday celebration outside of the office. Some co-workers prefer not to participate in office birthday parties for a variety of reasons. By planning a celebration outside of the office, co-workers are able to gracefully decline the invitation without offending anyone and they are not forced to spend money that they may not have. Lunch at a nearby restaurant or happy hour at a nearby bar are two simple options.

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