Soccer Party Ideas

Soccer Party Ideas

Soccer party ideas are one of the greatest party themes for not only kids, but also adults, who are die-hard soccer fans. This kind of party theme requires some considerations like any other party such as the decoration, invitation, party activities and games, food as well as the location of the party.

Kids Soccer Party Ideas

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and is a fun activity for kids of all ages. This is a sport that both boys and girls can play, and it can be a great theme for a birthday party. While there are many soccer decorations and party favours available, the main activities can focus on playing or watching a soccer game.

Soccer Party Decorations

If your child belongs to or roots for a specific soccer team, you can use the team colours to make decorating especially easy. If you’re setting one table, use a tablecloth in one of the team colours and buy plastic ware in the other colour. If you’re using two tables, do the opposite for the second table – the tablecloth in the second colour, and the plastic ware in the first. Invitations should use one colour for the background and the second for the text, as should banners and signs on the day of the party. Make sure to buy plenty of streamers and balloons in both colours as well.

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Soccer Party Favors

Send out soccer-themed invitations to friends and family. These invitations can be purchased or even created online. Decorate the house with soccer-related posters and balloons. If the guest of honour has a favourite team or club they follow, include some posters of their favourite players. Find a uniform for your son and let him open it up before the party starts. Try to find a soccer themed cake or cupcakes for the occasion. If possible, set up cones in the backyard to represent a goal. Have one of the adults play goalie and allow the kids to see if they can score on them.

Soccer Party Ideas

Soccer Party Supplies

Stay ahead of any possible weather interruptions and take the party indoors. While you certainly can host a party at home, consider alternative locations. Take the team to play indoor laser tag or host the party at an indoor soccer arena. Think fun and entertainment when planning an indoor party to celebrate the end of the soccer season or to provide encouragement during the season. Encourage friendly competition by providing soccer-related gifts to participants. This can include soccer videos, player jerseys and soccer equipment, such as soccer balls and training gear. Check with each venue before bringing in outside food and drink. Most operations will allow teams to do this or offer concession food and drinks at a reduced rate.

Soccer Theme Party Ideas

Soccer Birthday Party Ideas

Get creative when considering locations for your soccer party. Other ideas for a soccer team party include hosting a movie night at your home or seeking out a local recreation centre for all day fun. For home movie nights, play highlight videos from your team’s season or watch previous National or Olympic team games. When planning a soccer team party, plan to provide tokens of appreciation to team members. This can include certificates honouring individual achievements or trophies for team accomplishments. Other ideas include providing favours for partygoers, such as framed team photos, soccer ball key chains or goody bags. Fill goody bags with candy and small novelty items.

Soccer Party

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