Oscar Party Decorations

Oscar Party Decorations

There are various ways for decorating your Oscar party and one of them is to be based on themes. This will actually ease out the overall decoration process while bringing a different sense to the guests.

Oscar Party Supplies

If you enjoy watching the Oscars, hosting an Oscar party can be a great way to celebrate the night with friends who share your enthusiasm. Whether you like to go all out and dress to the nines, or kick back and hang out with friends, there are a lot of great ways to mark the occasion.

Oscar Parties Ideas

There are various themes that can be employed and the decorations can be carried out based on the selected theme. You can dress up your Oscar party with a costume theme. Guests can choose characters from award-nominated films from the current year, or open up the selections to include films from the past. Prepare name tags for each guest that includes the character name and movie title. If your guests are a theatrical crowd, increase the fun by encouraging guests to stay in character for the evening. In addition to watching the awards ceremony, host a ceremony of your own, offering awards for best supporting costume or most original character.

Oscar Party

Oscar Party Decorations

All eyes are on the who’s who of Hollywood as they make their way down the red carpet on their way to the Oscar’s ceremonies. Take part in the fashion and intrigue with a red carpet celebration of your own. Decorate your entryway with a red carpet from the drive or door into the main party area. Line the carpet with bright, pole lights. Feel free to include cardboard cut-outs of Hollywood elite to line the way. Ask everyone to dress in their best red carpet formal wear, and take a photo of each guest on arrival.

Oscar Party Theme Ideas

Oscar Party Idea

A Hollywood memorabilia theme is a clever way to capture the essence of film in a way that everyone can enjoy. Find items from your home or thrift stores that could pass for prop items used in films, to decorate the party area like a memorabilia museum, similar to the items once on display in Planet Hollywood restaurants. For example, an old pocket watch could pass as the notorious gold watch from “Pulp Fiction,” or a stack of gears and screws could be part of the original “Terminator” costume. Be creative when thinking of funny and obscure props. Place items on shelves or hang them on walls, and label each with a small folded card explaining the piece and where it was used.

Oscar Party Invitations

When your guests arrive, decorate your home with little signs of movie magic. Ask your local video store if you can purchase any used movie posters (they often sell them for just a dollar or two), or get a length of red cloth at a local arts and crafts store to use as a red carpet in front of your home. Some people like dressing up for Oscar parties and if you’ve got the tux or formal dress, go for it but if you want to keep things casual, just wear a T-shirt or jacket with a movie image on it.

Oscars Party Ideas

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