Farm Party Ideas

Farm Party Ideas

Farm party ideas are quite popular among kids who love farm animals. Having this kind of birthday party, indeed, requires some considerations which include the decorations, invitations, food and drinks, games and activities, as well as the favours and cakes.

Farm Theme Party Ideas

Farm animals and barnyard settings capture the imagination of most children. Friendly livestock characters have starred in kid’s literature, popular movies and TV shows for decades, and many beloved songs of childhood feature the farm and its animal inhabitants. Having a farm-themed party tops many children’s wish lists. Plan a farm party for your child with themed decor, food, activities and games.

Farm Party Ideas

Decoration is important for any party. You can transform your entryway into a barnyard scene. Place hay bales on both sides of your door. Make a sign to hang on the door that says, “Welcome to the Farm.” Hang a cowbell on the door along with the sign so that it rings when the door is opened. Place stuffed animal cows, pigs and other barnyard favourites on the hay bales to greet your guests. Hang barn-red, black and white streamers around the ceilings of your party space. Cover the food table in a red tablecloth. Set bandanna-lined tin pails filled with caramel or butter flavoured popcorn on the table for guests to munch on during the festivities. Place a balloon bouquet centrepiece on the table featuring farm animal-shaped, helium-filled balloons. Hang posters or pictures of farm animals and farm scenes on the walls, along with homemade signs made from the blank sides of brown paper grocery sacks. On the brown paper, use a black marker to write farm-type sayings, such as “Duckling Crossing” or “Please Don’t Feed the Pigs.”

Farm Party Supplies

Farm Party Favors

If you want to purchase premade invitations from a party supply store, look for barns or farm animals. If you prefer to make your own, there are several ways. Using red construction paper or card stock, create a barn and write your party information on the back. Another option is to create farm animals by tracing cookie cutters onto construction paper and cut them out. Then write your party information on the cut-outs. No matter what way you choose, the invitation is a great way to let your guests know to dress in their favourite farm gear.

Farm Party Decorations

When your guests arrive, direct them to a craft table in your party room to make a farm animal craft. Buy sheets of red and black craft foam and a tub of pre-cut, adhesive-backed farm animal shapes, available where arts and craft supplies are sold. Before the party, cut the red foam sheets in half and cut two triangles from each black foam sheet. Glue a black triangle to the top of each of the red foam rectangles to be the roof of a red barn. Let each party guest select farm animal shapes to stick to a craft-foam barn to make a take-home craft. Place farm toys and a basket of farm-themed children’s books in another area of the party space for children to explore when they are finished making the barn craft.

Farm Birthday Party Ideas

Every birthday party needs a birthday cake. There are many ways to make your own cake at home. If your child has plastic farm toys such as a barn, tractor, fences and animals, make a sheet cake and frost it with green icing to make grass. Then place the toys on top of the cake to make your own farm. Another option is to make cupcakes and decorate them like different farm animals. If there is one farm animal your child likes more than the others, make a cake and carve it in the shape of that animal and then use fondant and frosting to decorate it.

Farm Party

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