Dr Seuss Party Ideas

Dr Seuss Party Ideas

Dr. Seuss party ideas tend to be very popular among kids nowadays. By utilizing this theme, you can actually incorporate various creative ideas regarding the various aspects of a party such as the decoration, invitation, food and drinks, as well as the games and activities.

Dr Seuss Party Supplies

Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, was born on March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. His children’s books (he wrote more than 60), although simple, are enlightening, inspiring, and well-loved by readers of all ages in more than a dozen countries. Celebrating his birthday is a fun way to honor his life and legacy and encourage children to read. Taking this as an idea for a birthday party is indeed a great choice as children will most probably like it very much.

Dr. Seuss Teacher Appreciation Week

How do we celebrate any birthday? Of course, baking is the answer. Baking is a great way to help kids learn about measuring, fractions, and following instructions. You can decorate the cake with lots of colorful frosting, with the primary colors Seuss used in his illustrations. Another yummy idea is to make green eggs and ham for breakfast. Green eggs are easy to make: just add some drops of green food coloring to a bowl full of raw eggs and scramble as usual. Pan-fry ham steaks, and you have a meal fit for Sam-I-Am.


Dr Seuss Party Favor Ideas

“The Cat in the Hat” is one of Seuss’s most popular books, and you can easily make a tall striped hat, just like the naughty cat wears, out of red and white construction paper and poster board. Another craft that’s easy for kids to make and fun to play with is the oobleck from “Bartholmew and the Oobleck.” Mix two cups cornstarch, one cup water, and green food coloring. Put the “oobleck” on a sheet of wax paper so that you can manipulate it. You could also use green Play-Doh if you don’t have the time or materials to make your own.

Dr Seuss Party Decoration Ideas

For the decoration idea, you can actually photocopy or recreate the covers of your favorite Dr. Seuss books for simple party decorations. Hang the book covers on the walls, or laminate them and use them as place mats on the tables. Choose a primary color scheme for the balloons, tablecloths, streamers, plates and other party decorations. Place stuffed animals of Dr. Seuss characters on the tables. Purchase hats that resemble the red-and-white striped hat from The Cat in the Hat to add to the party decor.

Dr Seuss Parties

Dr Seuss Party Decorations

Hold a rhyming contest with the party guests. Gather everyone in a circle. Announce a word that has may other rhyming words, such as hat or ball. Go around the circle, with each person saying a word that rhymes with the original word. Any player who repeats a word is out of the game. A player who can’t think of another rhyming word is also out of the game. The next player in the circle provides a new rhyming word for the game. Continue the process until only one person is left standing. Hold a Dr. Seuss story time at the party. Provide a selection of Dr. Seuss books, allowing the party guests to select the book to read. Use props and alter your voice to make the story time more interesting for the kids. Allow older kids to select a Dr. Seuss book and perform the storyline with the help of props.

Dr Seuss Party Idea

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