Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Various corporate holiday party ideas can be implemented to make the greatest fun while bringing liveliness to the environment. Some good examples of these ideas include the country-themed idea, seasonal theme idea, or even pool theme idea.

Company Holiday Party Ideas

Office parties can be a great opportunity for co-workers and colleagues to relax, celebrate accomplishments, milestones or holidays and get to know one another on a personal level in a casual atmosphere. The best themes for office parties are ones that encourage conversation and inclusion among departments, while taking care to avoid often taboo topics and themes related to sex, politics or religion.

Company Party Ideas

If it’s cold outside, bring a little sunshine to the office with a Hawaii-themed party. Decorate your party area with blow-up palm trees, orchids in pots, hibiscus and beach-themed cardboard cut-outs. Play the limbo and a points-based quiz game based on Hawaii, with questions like: Have you been to Hawaii? Do you know how to surf? Or who sang Christmas in Hawaii? Give winners chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. Serve sushi appetizers and tropical drinks.

Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

Go rustic with a country themed holiday party. Hire a line dance teacher to come in several times during the week or two preceding the party to teach the office how to line dance. Look for a barn to rent for the occasion and decorate with hay bales, trees decorated with wooden ornaments, and red and green paisley handkerchief-style tablecloths. Hire a country band to play dance music and serve barbecue and beer and soda. Set up a craft table with materials for staff to decorate their own cowboy hat.

Corporate Holiday Party Invitations

You may also Break free from the office and have some fun in the sun with a company field day. A park setting would be appropriate to host your field day. Prepare classic cookout foods, and gather workers around picnic tables for lunch. After lunch, engage workers in activities, such as tug-of-war, dizzy bat racing, and egg toss competitions. Prepare ribbons to award to the employees that win each challenge. Not only will your workers likely have fun on this day of relaxation, they will also create memories and build bonds with fellow workers.

Corporate Holiday Party Themes

Some company holiday parties focus on gifts and food. However, to change the atmosphere from office to party completely it is sometimes necessary to remove people from familiar surroundings. Hold the party in a park and organize children’s games such as jump rope, hopscotch or sack races. The company can also divide into teams for a sports party. Team sports such as basketball, soccer and softball are ideal. Any outdoor activity can easily be followed by a barbecue or picnic to let people relax and chat.

Corporate Party Ideas

For an indoor interactive company party, consider renting a pool hall or a room at a karaoke bar. By renting an entire area for the party it limits the external influences on the company employees and lets them relax and have fun with their coworkers in an unusual setting. If the location is amenable, the event could be catered. Otherwise, have everyone follow up at a low-key diner or pizza parlor to maintain the relaxed atmosphere.

Holiday Company Party Ideas

If it is a Christmas party, hide several reindeer. Purchase home décor reindeer in several sizes and hide throughout the office. Hide some reindeer in easy-to-find places, and some in hard-to-find places. Tell all employees to search for the reindeer when you say “Go.” Each employee finding a reindeer takes it home as a prize.

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