Christening Party Ideas

Christening Party Ideas

Christening party indeed requires some meticulous preparations and planning. You may come out with some creative themes for the party and make it a memorable event for everyone. Some common but creative party ideas include the all-white theme idea, garden theme idea, as well as the Noah’s Ark Bible theme idea.

Christening Party

A christening is a blessed event and is often celebrated with a small party or reception. Most attendants at a christening party will be family members and close friends, often with young children, so keep this in mind when preparing for your party.

Christening Theme Party Ideas

Enlist the help of the party guests to create a keepsake to honor the occasion. This can as simple as asking them to write a few words in a scrapbook or guest book. Or have guests sign with permanent marker small squares of fabric that will be pieced together as a quilt. At minimum, provide guests with disposable cameras, and ask them to take as many shots as they can. Collect the cameras and develop the photos. Paste the photos into a photo album or scrapbook as a reminder of the special day. You may ask a friend or family member with a camcorder to record the christening party. Guests can direct their messages to the child who was christened, and his parents can play it for him when he is a little older. Be sure each guest identifies herself before speaking.

Baby Christening Party Ideas

Family members begin a new journey with a baby who has been baptized. Infuse that symbolism by hosting a lunch or dinner following the christening at a country inn or a restaurant located on a winding road. The road will symbolize the long journey ahead—a lifetime of walking with God. The countryside symbolizes both home and adventure. The restaurant provides a unique setting for family and friends to gather and celebrate over comfort foods, a signature of country cooking.

Christening Party Decorations

A simple, all-white with a touch of pink or blue christening party is in good taste for the solemnity of the occasion. Plan a simple brunch buffet, bought or make ahead of time, and lay it out on a pre-decorated table in your home after the christening service or Mass. Making everything simple allows you to do it all yourself and keep the stress level minimal on the day of the christening.

Christening Party Ideas 1

Moving your christening party into your garden makes for a beautiful setting. Because the christening party normally follows the church service, keep everything easily accomplished when you arrive home. Set out tables and chairs before leaving for church. Drape the tables with tablecloths and set out weighted floral centerpieces to ensure that everything remains in place. Set up a simple buffet table draped with a tablecloth, also held in place while you are gone, and put out the food when you arrive home. Have a contingency plan in case of inclement weather.

Christening Party Favors

Christening Party Ideas

You can incorporate the Noah’s Ark Bible story into your theme; this is an ideal option for the little ones in attendance of the christening celebration. Decorate your home or backyard with images of different animals and mount a cardboard cutout of an ark on a wall. Provide pens or markers for guests to write inspirational messages on the ark; this will make for a special souvenir to keep after the party is over. Consider renting a small petting zoo with baby animals like sheep, rabbits or goats to entertain the younger guests. Provide finger foods for guests to enjoy, and make or purchase a cake or cupcakes adorned with images of Noah’s Ark or various animals.

Christening Party Supplies

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