Camping Party Ideas

Camping Party Ideas

Camping party ideas are indeed excellent for celebrating kids’ birthday. Various camping themes can be employed and the children will certainly enjoy themselves. Some great examples of camping themes include the sleep-away theme, wilderness theme, as well as the outdoor hiking theme.

Camping Party Decorations Ideas

A birthday party with a camping theme allows you to combine traditional camping elements with the great outdoors and the birthday celebration. There are campgrounds located in every state, making a camping trip a possibility no matter where you live. Whether you have an authentic campout and sleep under the stars or host an indoor campout, incorporate the camping theme in different aspects of the party including invitations, food, decorations and activities.

Camping Birthday Party Ideas

Many older children spend the summer months at a sleep-away camp. If your child and some of her friends are planning to spend the summer away, hold a camp party with a going-away theme. Get the names of the camps that each of the guests will attend. Decorate the party area with the camp names and logos. Have a time of sharing during the party where the kids who have been to camp before talk about what it’s like and teach the group some camp songs. For activities, set up an arts and crafts table and play sports like volleyball or soccer. If you have the space and supplies, set up a backyard archery range. Serve foods like lemonade and trail mix, in addition to standard party snacks.

Camp Party Ideas

You can also have a wilderness-themed camping birthday party for your younger child with a big imagination. This type of theme works best for those who have a large yard. Give each child a toy compass on arrival and tell the kids that they’re about to embark on an adventure. Set up some tents in the yard at the point farthest from your house. Fill one of the tents with sleeping bags and devote another tent to storing the food and party supplies. Place some stuffed animals at various points in the yard to serve as props and take the little ones on a “hike” through the yard. Have a picnic lunch once you reach the tent, then have the young ones play for a while in the “campground.” Walk back to the house for cake and party games.

Camping Birthday Party

A camp party doesn’t have to involve the outdoors. Hold an indoor slumber party with a camp-out theme. Set up tents in the living room. Decorate by placing a fake fire pit in the center of the room and hanging cut-outs of trees and animals on the wall. Hang bug nets around the room and place glow-in-the-dark bugs in them. Add some to the tents, as well, for a scary surprise. Serve foods like hot dogs and s’mores. Turn off all the lights and tell ghost stories before bed.

Camping Party Ideas

This party theme is really great and you can even take a nature hike or have a wilderness scavenger hunt, even if the party is in your backyard or living room. Campfire stories are one of the most anticipated parts of any campout, so including them is a must. Keep stories age-appropriate to prevent young children from becoming scared. Singing songs around the fire is another camping tradition. Other camping activities include nature-themed crafts, glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, hide-and-seek and camping-themed relay races.

Camping Party Supplies

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