Barbie Party Ideas

Barbie Party Ideas

Barbie party ideas are marvelous for girls and various ideas can be implemented on top of this marvelous theme. Some great examples for this theme include the Barbie princess party, Barbie makeover themed party as well as the Barbie fashion show party.

Barbie Party Invitations

Barbie is one of the most popular dolls; since its introduction in 1959, it has become a collector’s item for adults and a timeless toy for little girls. The bright shade of pink that represents modern Barbie products, along with the accessories that came with the vintage Barbie’s of the 1960s and ’70s, can serve as the theme for your next birthday party or a birthday celebration for your daughter.

Barbie Party Ideas

One of the popular party ideas is to host a Barbie princess party, using Barbie dolls as decorations. Dress the dolls in princess dresses with full skirts and glitter. Carry over the theme in the birthday cake, using a Barbie doll placed inside the cake and using the cake as a princess dress for the doll. Buy tiaras or crowns for the girls and give each one their own crown, when they arrive at the party. Encourage the girls to bring their dolls, dressed in their best princess outfit and let the party guests vote on the best looking princess doll. Use lots of pink and white in your decorating scheme, to work with the princess theme.

Barbie Party Supplies

In addition, you can also throw a Barbie makeover themed party. Mattel makes full-size Barbie heads that come with makeup, hair supplies and accessories. Use a few of those heads, to show the girls the different makeup stations, including the hair station and the makeup station. Purchase cheap makeup and hair products from a dollar store and let the girls go wild with their makeovers. The girls can apply their own makeup or help each other with the makeovers. Make a series of awards, such as most colorful makeover, most professional makeover, best use of lipstick and others. Once the girls finish their makeovers, they vote on who gets each award.

Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

For decorating this kind of party, it is very common to have pink and purple as the theme color since they are the colors that quickly come to mind when you think of Barbie, and most young girls will love to use these shades to decorate their birthday parties. Select pink plates with Barbie’s likeness in the center, along with purple streamers to line the main party table, and pink and purple balloons with the Barbie logo to adorn the corners of the party space. For an adult party with a Barbie theme, colors like cream and ruby red are ideal if vintage Barbie will be the center of attention at the celebration. Posters of Barbie on the walls, and a black and white tablecloth to resemble the bathing suit vintage Barbie wore makes the party upbeat yet sophisticated.

Barbie Party

Besides that, the best part of a Barbie party is the fashion show. The girls can either have their own fashion show; hold a fashion show for their Barbie’s or both. For a girl’s fashion show, simply visit the secondhand store for glamorous dress up clothes, shoes, handbags, hats and costume jewelry. Pick up some stick on body gems, tiaras and similar items from the dollar store. Have the girls’ model to music and snap lots of photos. Of course it won’t be a Barbie party unless the girls have some Barbie play time, but for a Barbie fashion show you have to go the extra mile. Since Barbie clothes can be expensive, provide guests with fabric from the thrift store, felt and ribbon and challenge them to create fabulous outfits for their dolls. You might want to provide some store-bought accessories, such as shoes, gloves, hats and earrings. Then, create a T-shaped runway that the girls can walk their dolls down out of strips of fabric or shoe box lids. Alternatively, place one coffee table against another to create the T-shape and attach streamers to the tables that dangle to the floor to create a fabulous elevated runway. Make sure each girl’s Barbie holds her pose for the audience at the end of the runway.

Barbie Theme Party Ideas

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