Disco Party Ideas

Disco Party Ideas

Disco party tends to be a great for celebrating various kinds of events and by making use of unique and interesting disco party ideas, you can surely bring a different experience to the guests while embracing the joy of the celebration. Some interesting ideas include the 70s theme, superheroes disco theme, as well as the disco dance club theme.

Disco Party Invitations

Discos are an exciting way to celebrate various occasions and have fun. Loud, fast-paced music, bright flashing lights and an electrifying atmosphere are hallmarks of a disco. Introduced in the 1970s, disco is a dance, clothing and a music style. Discos have come to symbolize fun, loud dance events. Themed discos can add excitement to an event.

Disco Theme Party Ideas

This kind of party can be integrated with many other unique ideas such as inviting super heroes to a disco for a truly out of this world dance. Use well known super hero images, such as Superman and Wonder Woman on walls. Use neon lights to light the images to give them a more “magical” look. Encourage guests to dress as known super heroes or make-up their own. Super heroes often have an emblem on their chests. Create a super hero emblem out of felt and place on each table top. Give out awards for best super hero costume and best “super power.” Place modern dance music along with music that mentions superheroes, such as Drake Bell’s “Superhero!” or “Heroes” by David Bowie.

Kids Disco Party Ideas

You may as well embrace the era with a 1970s themed dance. Hang a large disco ball from the ceiling, just above the dance floor. Play music from the era such as “Staying’ Alive” by The Bee Gees or “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. Encourage guests to come in leisure suits and other distinctly 70s garb. Smiley faces were another image of the 1970s and can be easily created with yellow poster board and hung on walls. Use smaller disco balls on tables to add sparkle.

Disco Party Ideas

The Village People were a disco-inspired musical group that emerged on the scene in 1977 and had an instant cult following. Known for their flamboyant costumes depicting cultural stereotypes and entertaining music, The Village People became synonymous with dance music. For your Village People theme disco party your guests should come dressed as one of the Village People characters, a police officer, Indian chief, construction worker, cowboy, biker, and a G.I. Hold a best resemblance contest, and has the guests act out the Village People performances. The Village People released several disco music albums which will be ideal for your party. One song, YMCA, had specific dance moves. Engage in those moves with wild abandon and without fear of judgment and dance the night away.

Disco Party Supplies

In the manner of the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’ create your retro disco party as a disco dance club. In your invitations tell your guests to come wearing 1970’s disco attire, bell bottoms, polyester suits, miniskirts, and platform shoes. Do not forget the classic disco hairstyles. Your decor must have a mirrored hanging ball suspended from the ceiling and rotating spotlights to reflect off the ball. Colorful crepe paper streamers can create an accented ceiling. If you can manage it, erect a wood dance floor for your guests to disco dance to the DJ’s 1970 disco tunes.

Disco Party Ideas For Kids

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