College Graduation Party Ideas

College Graduation Party Ideas

Celebrating a college graduation is indeed a meaningful event and great college graduation party ideas can truly make a difference. Some aspects to consider when planning for this kind of party include the party invitation, party decoration, as well as the party menu.

A college graduation is a milestone event for the graduate and her family. It is a time to celebrate a significant achievement in a young person’s life, and it is a time to show your graduate appreciation for the hard work she has done.

Fun College Graduation Party Ideas

When creating invitations, party menus and party favors, be sure that everything centers on the graduate. Using his college graduation picture as a setting for all the printed material associated with the party is a good idea. At each table make sure there is an informational page about the graduate, where he graduated from, what he studied and what his future plans are. This day is about the graduate’s accomplishments, so advertising them to the attendees will help everyone to better understand what your child has achieved.

College Graduation Gift Ideas

College graduation parties do not happen very often in a person’s life, so be sure to include the graduate in on the planning of their party. Discuss the guest list with him, and work out a theme for the party based on his recommendations. There will always be room for the parents to add their own surprises to the day, but the general theme and ideas behind the party should come from the graduate.

College Graduation Party Ideas

The time to start planning the college graduation party is when it becomes apparent that your child will graduate from college. It is always preferred to get invitations out as soon as possible, so start that process as soon as you know your child will graduate. The party does not need to happen immediately after graduation, but if the graduate has plans to take an out-of-town job, then the party needs to happen before she leaves.

College Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Party food is perhaps a significant part for the party. There are various choices for this. An appetizer-only menu will please the graduate who wants a refined celebration. Plan to serve six to ten kinds of appetizers, depending on the number of guests, and estimate that each guest will sample three to four of each type. Mini quiches are versatile and can be made ahead in bulk batches. Adding ingredients such as spinach, ham, bacon, mushrooms or cheese to pre-made pastry shells before adding the eggs creates several different flavors at once. Other popular hot appetizers include spring rolls, chicken wings or fingers, and shrimp kabobs. For cold appetizers, melon or asparagus wrapped in prosciutto are crowd-pleasers, and chicken or tuna salad finger sandwiches go a long way with minimal effort. Cheese and crackers and a fruit tray give your guests even more options.

College Graduation Parties

A buffet for an open-house style graduation party provides variety and stimulates socializing. Please everyone on the guest list with one beef, one chicken and one pasta or vegetarian dish. London broil, roast beef with gravy, Swedish meatballs, chicken cordon bleu, chicken Parmesan, baked ziti, lasagna and roasted vegetables can be prepared ahead and warmed just before serving. Add baked potatoes with a topping bar, green salad, and crusty bread to round out the meal. If your graduate prefers casual fare, try a taco bar with beef, chicken and bean fillings, a deli platter, tuna-stuffed tomatoes, cold salads and fruit.

College Graduation Party

There will be people from many different generations at the graduation party, so set up a schedule for the party that reflects the needs of everyone who will be attending. Older relatives would probably prefer to come earlier in the day, and they will not be staying long. So plan ceremonial things such as the cutting of a cake or the opening of gifts for the middle of the day.

The graduate and her friends could probably keep the party going for a very long time. It is a good idea to set an ending time for the party to be considerate to your neighbors and to avoid any excessive behavior that could result from a party that is allowed to go on for too long.

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