Carnival Party Ideas

Carnival Party Ideas

Carnival party can be an exciting event especially for kids and great carnival party ideas can truly make a difference. Some aspects to consider when planning for this kind of party include the party invitation, decoration, food and drinks, as well as the games and activities for the party.

Carnival Party Ideas For Kids

A carnival-themed birthday party allows for many creative games and activities. This type of party works well for a large number of guests, and you may need to enlist family or neighbors to help run the events. The decorations are just as important as the activities you choose. It is also important to keep in mind the age of the participants when planning the games. This type of party works best outdoors.

Carnival Theme Party Supplies

An out-of-the-ordinary invitation might feature a picture of a jar of jellybeans with instructions to guess how many are inside for a door prize. You can also print the information on a helium balloon to be hand delivered to your guests. Or consider printing out over-sized tickets for “admission” and write the party information on the back.

Carnival Themed Party Ideas

Decorating for a carnival themed party can be really easy, as you do not need to follow a specific color scheme. You can get balloons, streamers, a centerpiece, and a banner to match the specific color scheme of your choosing. I would personally choose anything colorful, such as red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and so on.

Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

Carnival food is tasty and tantalizing and is a necessity at a carnival-themed party. Include hot dogs and lemonade on your menu. Add hamburgers, French fries, corn dogs and nachos to the spread. Tasty treats include cotton candy, ice cream, snow cones and milkshakes. If possible, rent a popcorn booth and a cotton candy machine. They’ll add to the decor and give the party a more authentic carnival look. Moreover, you can also serve classic carnival-type foods. Examples include corn dogs, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, funnel cakes, cotton candy, snow cones and caramel apples. For the cake, serve a large sheet cake decorated with a clown, or in lieu of a traditional cake, make cupcakes served in ice cream cones. Decorate them with frosting and sprinkles.

Carnival Parties Ideas

Games are a central element of a carnival. Set up a ring toss by placing bottles on the floor and having kids throw needlepoint hoops around them. Hang blow-up balloons on a piece of cardboard and hang it on the wall. Kids try to pop as many as they can by throwing bean bags at them. Arrange empty plastic or paper cups on the floor in a bowling pin formation. Provide kids with ping pong balls and see if they can get them to land in the cups. Provide kids with a few face painting options, allow them to choose which design they want and paint their faces. After games, hand out 10 tickets to each child. Set up a prize table and allow kids to cash in their tickets for prizes.

Carnival Party Ideas

Carnival Theme Party Ideas

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