Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Bridal party gifts are perhaps one of the most important things for congratulating the couple. Various bridal party gift ideas can be selected and the most popular ones is perhaps the jewellery such as rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Bridal Party Gifts

What you give a bride-to-be at a shower often depends on the type of shower you are attending. For example, sometimes people specify you should bring lingerie, something for the kitchen or holiday decorations. But regardless of what kind of shower the bride is having, there are some great gifts that virtually all brides will love.

Bridesmaids Gifts Ideas

Jewellery is a gift for bridal attendants that lasts forever. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings can be found at any price point. It is a good idea to get everyone in the bridal party identical pieces, though the maid of honour’s piece can be different if you prefer. Classic pieces make a better choice over faddish designs, because they can be worn for decades to come.

Bridal Gift Ideas

Your bridal attendants worked hard to make your day special and memorable. When the wedding is over, they need to go home to put their feet up and relax. The relaxation will be all the more cosy if they have a new set of pyjamas to slip on when they get home. If your budget allows, add a robe so they can have a whole new set of loungewear.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Every woman should carry a mirror in her purse. Even if they don’t wear makeup, a mirror is a handy thing to have. Engraved metal compact mirrors make a thoughtful, personal gift. Metal compacts are made in a variety of metals, like stainless steel, pewter, silver plated and sterling silver, which makes this gift affordable for practically every budget.

Wedding Party Gifts Ideas

Women need to be pampered, and your bridal party certainly deserves to relax. Call spas in your area to price various services and purchase gift certificates. Manicures or pedicures are good choices for tighter budgets and facials or massages are nice choices if your budget allows. If you have a member of your bridal party who doesn’t live near you, plan ahead and get a gift certificate from her nearest spa.

Bridal Party Gift Ideas

A shawl or pashmina woven from a lux fabric like cashmere or a wool and silk blend makes the perfect gift for your maid of honour, especially if you’re planning a winter wedding. If you’re planning a summer wedding, stick to lightweight fabrics like silk or cotton. Your gift will keep her warm as she heads to the ceremony or reception, and it will look much better in photos than her everyday coat.

Bridesmaid Gifts Ideas

Consider personalizing the wrap or scarf by having it embroidered with her initials. Pick colours that complement her maid of honour’s dress, or make it a timeless wardrobe staple by giving her a neutral colour she can wear with anything.

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

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