Baptism Party Ideas

Baptism Party Ideas

Baptism party ideas are rather popular especially in the western countries. Various concepts can be implemented for such party such as the fairy theme. Some of the considerations which may need to take into account for this kind of party include the decoration, invitation, party size, as well as the party menu.

Baby Baptism Party Ideas

To commemorate a baptism, plan a reception or luncheon that brings together all the guests and appropriately recognizes the day’s spiritual importance. For decor, use a similar approach as you would for a baby’s first birthday, incorporating pastels and nursery-themed touches. Choose foods to reflect your guests’ tastes. If you will be welcoming a bevy of young cousins, select kid-friendly finger foods. If your crowd includes more aunts, uncles, grandparents and godparents, feel free to go with more sophisticated fare.

Baptism Party Decorations

Celebrate the grace and innocence of the occasion with a fairy-themed party. Both religious and secular guests will feel at ease with fairy-themed decor and refreshments. Create fairy wands out of pretzel sticks and white or milk chocolate chips. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and then dip the pretzel sticks to coat. Let them dry, and if you wish, sprinkle decorative jimmies or edible silver balls at one end. Flower tea and pink lemonade make kid-friendly drinks that evoke a gathering of fairies. For adults, serve cocktails made with elderflower liquors or simply float an edible flower, such as a nasturtium or day lily, in each glass. For delicate luncheon fare, cut finger sandwiches into stars, moons and flowers. Serve fruit salad in minute tea-cups, making use of miniature fruit varieties, such as clementine’s or wild strawberries. Parfaits make another ethereal and fairly healthy treat, combining fresh fruit, granola and yogurt or whipping cream. Drizzle honey over the top for a bright punch of sweetness.

Baptism Party Favors

The venue is one aspect to think about before you send out any baptism invitations. Many will choose to hold their baptism parties within the church facilities, but there are other options that are worth looking into as well. Some will choose separate reception halls, outdoor areas in nature, or even home baptisms, if your priest is willing to come to you. For smaller or more intimate groups, this could be a good option. If there is a restaurant that is located nears the church where the baptism takes place, this could also be an ideal setting in which to hold your party after the ceremony.

Baptism Party Ideas

The size of the party is another thing to think about. Many people will choose to have the officiating priest and only a few close friends and family present for this special affair. Baptism parties could also be large, joyous events with the full community of your church. Oftentimes, those who are welcoming their firstborn child into the world will choose to include a wider group of people, to celebrate the birth as well as the baptism. Be sure to plan ahead for more guests than you bargained for.

Baptism Party Supplies

A baptism ceremony itself will not take up too much time, which is ideal for the fussy needs of a new-born. Because babies need to have their sleep, you will not want your baptism parties to go on for too long either. Refreshments, a few organized activities, and an informal way to chat with your guests is the best way to spend this type of occasion. In most cases, because the baptism is performed as part of a regular Sunday church ceremony or mass, the time of day will be around midday that you can expect to hold your party.

Baptism Party Themes

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