Abby Cadabby Party Ideas

Abby Cadabby Party Ideas

Abby Cadabby party ideas are great for children who love this relatively new character in the Sesame Street. Various ideas can be used and you can also make use of your creativity in planning and preparing the invitation, decoration, party menu, party games as well as the party favours.

Abby Cadabby first appeared on Sesame Street in 2006. She soon became a big hit as the friend of Elmo. It is interesting to note that Abby is the first new female character to arrive on Sesame Street in over 13 years. You may note that her character also arrived at the boom of Harry Potter and the Wizard trend. However, Abby was also brought on as a different character from another culture that could be used to teach children how to learn from each other. Abby has since become a character that teaches tolerance and understanding. These lessons are great for any child and are a worthy birthday theme.

Create personalized invitations for your child’s Abby Cadabby birthday party using an image of the Sesame Street characters. Use any photo-editing program to add a phrase to the photo such as, “Let’s Celebrate.” Print out the photo and write any important information about the party on the back of the image. State the theme of the party and location and invite guests to dress up as their favourite Sesame Street character. Mail these invitations to your guests at least two or three weeks before your child’s party.

Decorate with Abby Cadabby’s colors. Use pink, lavender and light blue balloons, tablecloths and streamers. You can use colouring pages to decorate the walls. Copy pictures and place them on the table with crayons for the guests to colour as they arrive. Hang string from corner to corner along the room, and then use clothespins to attach the finished drawings. Make tissue paper flowers from pastel colours and hang stars from the ceiling. Educational posters with the alphabet, numbers or Spanish words are appropriate for an Abby Cadabby party.

Moreover, you can extend the Abby Cadabby and Sesame Street theme throughout food served at your child’s party. Provide a local bakery with a photograph of Abby Cadabby printed on your computer or found in a magazine. Request the bakers design a cake in the shape of Abby Cadabby or decorate the top of sheet cake in a Sesame Street theme, making Abby Cadabby the main character of the cake. Also provide cupcakes decorated with edible fairy-themed toppers to allow guests to choose from a variety of cake flavours.

Games for this kind of party are rather easy to prepare. You can invite the guests to play a variation of the game freeze tag. Choose one of the players to be “it.” Give a few of the guests a small pouch of glitter. If a player is tagged she is frozen until she is sprinkled with fairy dust: the glitter. If you are playing indoors or do not want to deal with glitter, use a fairy wand to unfreeze people. Play Sesame Street songs so kids can sing and dance to them. You can even play a Sesame Street DVD that features an Abby Cadabby episode.

Finally, you can provide guests with Sesame Street and Abby Cadabby-themed party favours. Since Abby Cadabby carries a fairy wand with her, have the birthday child decorate and personalize a fairy want for each guest prior to the party. Include the decorated wand in their party favour bag. Place purchased plastic Sesame Street characters or small stuffed Sesame Street toys in the bag, and fill it with a variety of foil-wrapped chocolate fairy stars.

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