Blacklight Party Ideas

Blacklight Party Ideas

The blacklight party is rather popular among the adults but it can also be used as a party theme for kids’ and teenagers’ parties as well. Apparently, the blacklight and the glow will be the main focus of this kind of party. It will certainly bring a unique experience to all the guests.

With a little creative thought and not much money you can create a party kids of all ages will enjoy, whether they are in grade school, high school or college. Hosting the event at night is the easiest way to host a glow in the dark party, but if the kids are too young for that, hang heavy black fabric or felt over all the windows in the party room. Decorate early the day of the party, and expose glow in the dark accessories to plenty of bright light before guests arrive.

Some party stores sell glow in the dark invitations, but if you want to make your own, just use black paper and glow in the dark markers. If you like, ask guests to wear a white or neon-coloured T-shirts and encourage neon shoelaces and accessories, too, so everyone will show up better in the dark.

A must for any glow in the dark party is black lights. They are available at dollar stores and party supply centres. Replace all light bulbs in the party room with black lights, and either hang or display the rest of the lights throughout the room. You can encourage guests to play with wand black lights by keeping a collection of them in a plastic, non-breakable vase or umbrella stand.

Glow in the dark stars and planet are a terrific and inexpensive decoration for the party room’s walls and ceilings. Usually these are sold with putty for adhering them to the ceiling or wall; the putty is easy to remove after the party. You can also use a bit of painter’s tape, doubled over, to hang glow in the dark stars.

With a glow in the dark party, it’s a great idea to give out party favours as guests enter the house. Inexpensive glow in the dark accessories like bracelets, necklaces and wands are readily available at dollar stores and party supply shops. Glow in the dark nail polish might be a good idea for the girls.

Cracking a piñata is a great party game and black lights make it even better. Get a colourful piñata and fill it with brightly-coloured candies, fluorescent beads and items that will glow under the lights. Use a black stick with fluorescent streaks of colours to bat the piñata. Blindfold each guest in turn and give him three swipes of the stick to crack the piñata while someone else pulls the piñata up and down by a string thrown over a ceiling beam. Keep guests back from the striker since black lights can make it more difficult to judge distance.

Turn up the heat with a black light party dance contest. Clear out a space on the floor and give everyone 30 seconds to show their stuff. Judge the winner based on how loud the crowd cheers for each participant. Alternately, have a “freeze dance” contest when everyone dances to the music for a half a minute or so. Stop the song and anyone who doesn’t freeze immediately is out of the game. Start the music again, and then freeze it. Continue until there is only one dancer left.

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