Abc Party Costume Ideas

Abc Party Costume Ideas

Various ABC party costume ideas are available and you can even come out with your own costume ideas which are unique and impressive. You may use an assortment of materials in creating those costumes and examples of these materials include the duct tape, newspaper, garbage bag, or even unused gift wrapping papers.

The acronym ABC stands for Anything But Clothes. Guests attending the party will be expected to come dressed in any material that they choose as long as none of it is real clothing. Guests should be inventive and try to create a unique look using just about anything they can find. Costumes made from things around the house can be inexpensive and creative. It is also acceptable to wear underclothing, as long as it is concealed with added ABC materials. As one might imagine, the possibilities are endless!

An easy costume supply could be duct tape. Simply use duct tape to create a custom piece of clothing. For a woman this might include a skirt and a tank top with various colours of duct tape. For a man the costume could consist of a pair of shorts and a contrasting coloured belt with a T-shirt on top. It is important to make sure that the duct tape is sticking to another material or to itself and not to areas of exposed skin, as this could cause irritation and chaffing.

Newspaper would be another easily accessible choice and might be a quick fix for someone who forgot to choose a costume in advance. Newspapers are large and cover the body easily, and can be folded to fit all body shapes and sizes. It is important to remember that newspaper is also very thin and can tear easily and might require the guest to wear something else underneath, such as cling film and undergarments. A quick and easy idea for a woman would be to make a strapless dress, which would require just tape and newsprint. For a man’s costume, a pair of trousers would be easy to assemble with little planning.

Garbage bags can make a simple costume. Simply cut a hole in the bottom of a black or other coloured garbage bag and slip it on. Then decide where the armholes should be and cut them out of the bag as well. For someone who is tall, it might take two bags taped together to achieve the desired length. For a woman, a fun addition might be to create leggings with another trash bag to wear underneath a garbage bag dress.

If the guest is more of a creative thinker and wants to stand out in the crowd, he might consider using unconventional items such as a lampshade, toilet paper, packing boxes, Styrofoam, carpet squares heavy duty aluminium foil or curtains. Other materials might include balloons, tea bags, feathers, gift bags, unused diapers, pillowcases or paper towels. Whether creating a bra out of gift bows or constructing a suit jacket out of candy wrappers, let those creative juices flow and make a costume no one will forget!

Got any unused gift wrapping papers in the storage drawer? It is now the time to use them. The costume ABC party ideas for girls by using these materials can be created in the form of colourful dresses. Wrapping papers come in the colourful and various patterns that can be great when used to make a party dress. The dress can also be made in multiple layers and adored with lace or ribbons for the final touch. Make sure to secure it around the body to avoid unwanted incident. Also make sure to wear undergarment or anything beneath the dress for the same reason. Creating a bonnet for the wrapping papers? Why not? Since gift papers are easy to fold, glued or taped, people can use it to create almost everything, including beautiful hats to accentuate the dress for the party.

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