Valentine Party Ideas

Valentine Party Ideas

Various Valentine party ideas are available when it comes to celebrating the Valentine’s Day. In order to organizing a successful party for Valentine’s Day, there are several considerations which you may need to think and plan about, such as the party theme, invitation, decoration, venue, favors, as well as the party menu.
A Valentine’s Day party might be just what cupid ordered for adults and kids. An adult party can be great fun and those for kids make for a good family event. Decorations can be elaborate for the adult party, or very simple and homemade for kids. Food should be sweet and rich for adults, and kids will enjoy heart shaped delicacies. Activities should be fun and promote relationships for both.

A theme is one of the prime requirements for any party. The primary thing that should be decided is a theme, so that decorations can be done accordingly. A popular Valentine’s Day party theme is the slumber theme. Planning a sleepover party is a great idea though it is suitable mostly for kids. Another common theme these days is to dress up like celebrities or in some fancy dress. You can even announce a prize to the best dressed up person. But you can surely do without a theme if it gets a bit difficult for you to make the arrangements.

For celebrating the party with your love ones as well as your friends, you will need to have an invitation for each and every one of them. But before that, you should list out the names of all those guests whom you want to invite for your Valentine’s Day party. Inform your friends beforehand whether it will be a day party or over-night party. Provide the names of all the invited ones as your guests may want to know who the ones you invited other than themselves are. You can reveal your ingenuity with the invitation cards but you would do well to relate them with your dominant party theme Send out cards in the shape of a heart or cupid, or with the shape of a heart on the front. It’s even better if you can make some invitation cards yourself for your Valentine’s Day party. You can make them quite attractive by designing them with pictures of famous lovers and putting in some famous love quotes. Tie each card with a red satin ribbon, put inside a small red box filled with candies and stick an invitation note to it. Deliver your invites personally. Make sure that your send your invitations at least a week or two weeks before the party, as most people have a habit of planning their Valentine’s Day in advance.

The venue of your Valentine’s Day Party depends as much on you as on your guests. You can throw a party at your shack; provided your celebrations are a family affair and you have the confidence that you can make all the necessary arrangements for it. If you want to make your jubilations a little different, you can invite your sweetheart/friends to watch a romance movie at the theatre nearest to your home and give them a treat thus. You can also arrange a picnic on the lines of a camp at some good location, one that is safe and nice to spend time at.

A St. Valentine’s Day party need not focus on heart-shaped decorations, but nobody is likely to complain if you include them in one form or another. The great thing about decorating with heart-shaped elements is that you can find them in just about any medium you can imagine. You’ve got the choice of Mylar balloons shaped like a heart. You can make use of small heart-shaped boxes as storage for your party favors. Tablecloths with hearts on them are not exactly difficult to track down. Decorations for a Valentine’s Day party can go in another direction by focusing more on the romance than the icon. Purchase posters of romantic movies and affix them to the wall. Collect romantic photographs from your guests beforehand and place them inside frames as a decorative element around the party venue. If you don’t want to go with romantic photos of those you know, flip through magazines featuring famous romantic couples and cut them out and frame them.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to food for a St. Valentine’s Day party. Yes, you can go with the heart-shaped cake, but do so at your own peril if your decorating design is already heavy on the hearts. If you do decide to feature a heart-shaped cake, consider going the extra mile by slicing the cake in half and placing assorted chocolates on top of the lower half. Decorate the top half to look like the cover of a box of chocolates and then position it slightly off-center to give it the appearance of the cover of a box of chocolates partially open to reveal the candies inside. The more mature your St. Valentine’s Day party, the more mature should be the menu. Romantic choices include caviar, oysters and, of course, strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Creating the right ambience for your party is a must for that is what goes on to make the time a memorable one. Dress up your party zone according to the theme of the party. Choose your bed sheets, table covers and curtains in colors like red or pink that goes with the mood of Valentine’s Day. If you have plans to pass the occasion cozying up to your sweet one, you can hire DVDs of some popular romance movies. So will some nice romantic music. But if you want to celebrate the time with your friends and family members, groovy numbers or dance tracks will be the best. Make sure, however, that the music for your party suits the taste and preferences of your guests.

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