Retirement Party Decorations

Retirement Party Decorations

Retirement party decorations can be done in many different ways. The most common way of doing it is to use a theme decoration such as tropic theme, golf theme, as well as casino theme. Choosing the appropriate theme is very important since the party will be an important party for the retiree.

Many people spend years planning for retirement and look forward to celebrating it with a party. Rather than focusing on the end of the working life phase, most seniors choose to view retirement as the beginning of an exciting, carefree lifestyle or even a new hobby. If you are planning a retirement party for yourself or a loved one, there are many party themes to choose from.

Some retired persons plan to move to a warmer location to spend their twilight years, such as Florida, Mexico or Hawaii. If this fits your situation, plan a tropical-themed celebration. For example, a Hawaiian luau party requires a backyard or area with a pool. Decorate with tiki torches, masks and surfboards. Play hula music and instruct your guests to wear leis and grass skirts. Serve pineapple, roasted pork and Mai Tais, if alcohol is being served. If the guest of honor plans to move to Mexico, plan a fiesta party complete with mariachi music, sombreros and margaritas. Future Florida residents can be honored with a parrot head Jimmy Buffet-themed party.

Many retirees plan to spend their free time on the golf course. This type of retirement party is appropriate at a country club clubhouse or at someone’s home. Ask guests to bring golf-themed presents, such as golf balls, hats and other types of golf accessories. Decorate the cake to look like a putting green. Set up a putting green outside and let party guests compete for prizes.

If the new retiree has an adventurous spirit, plan a travel-themed retirement party. Send out party invitations that resemble passports and ask party guests to come dressed as stereotypical tourists–complete with loud shirts and cameras. Decorate the party room by creating different fantasy locations. For example, create a Paris table, complete with a miniature Eiffel Tower and French wine and cheese. Set up an Alaska table with a stuffed polar bear and an ice sculpture. Think about where your guest of honor is planning to go and give him a new luggage set as a gift.

Plan a casino-themed retirement party for the gambling lover. This type of party may be casual or elegant depending on the guest of honor’s personality. For example, plan a Monte Carlo party and require your guests to come in formal attire, if that fits the retiree’s personality. Set up blackjack and roulette tables, as well as hire roaming waiters to serve martinis and hors d’oeuvres. If the retiree prefers a more low-key setting, ask the guests to dress casually, rent slot machines and set up a poker tournament.

Moreover, you can also re-enact well-known, embarrassing situations that the retiree has been in. These need not be limited to situations that occurred at work, although you should certainly include them. If there are well-known, endearing but embarrassing facts about the retiree’s life outside of work, consider including them. If possible, include the original people involved in the embarrassing situation as actors. Consider exaggerating the situation to make it even funnier. Even party guests who weren’t originally aware of the embarrassing facts will enjoy them.

Another idea is to make a video collection, using real footage or filmed, reenacted events, of the retiree’s time at work. Add dramatic music, intersperse it with commentary and short film sequences to make it funny, and cut it dramatically to make the collection more theatrical and engaging. Your guests will appreciate the effort that you put into it, and will enjoy the chance to watch little films about the retiree’s life, created from your point of view.

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