Tangled Party Ideas

Tangled Party Ideas

Tangled party ideas can be very fun and bring a sense of difference to kids who loves the Disney’s tangled story. One tangled party idea which you may implement is the tangled treasure hunt party. Some considerations for this type of party include the invitations, decorations, favors, cake, as well as the games and activities.

Tangled is a new version of the story of Rapunzel in the latest Disney princess movie. Princess Rapunzel is a determined girl who uses her super long hair in lots of surprising ways, as she escapes from the tower and finds her true family. There’s no prince charming in this tale, since Flynn Rider is a thief who hides in the tower. If your little girl wants a tangled party, you can host a tangled party which can be really fun.

Planning for a birthday party is never easy especially one with a theme as enchanting as Tangled. And what could be more exciting than a Tangled Treasure Hunt. It will take some time and effort to get this organized but your little princess and her friends are sure to love it! This could very well be the best of all Tangled Birthday Party Ideas!

Once you’ve sent off the tangled party invitations, bought the tangled party decorations and Tangle party favors, baked or ordered the Rapunzel cake with the magical flowers, you are ready to plan the Tangled Treasure Hunt.

The clues could be descriptions of the different characters in Tangled or phrases they have uttered in the movie. Put up the tangled posters all around the house and the garden. Hide the clues behind the tangled posters. The first clue should be read out aloud and once they solve the clue, they will know which poster to head to for the next clue and so forth. One of the posters should be placed in the attic, the tree house, or in a second floor bedroom which you can decorate with tiny paper lamps and leave the long yellow braid by the window.

You should bury the chest with the tangled goodies outside this window and the last clue should hint that the braid will lead them to the treasure. If the kids are smart, they will figure it out by themselves and hang the braid over the window sill and head on down to dig for the treasure!

You could also get all the kids to come dressed up in tangled costumes to make the Tangled Treasure Hunt all the more fun. Of course, your little girl will be Rapunzel and the other kids can come as whoever else they like.

The Treasure Hunt is best played early on in the party when the children are feisty and raring to go. So plan all other tangled party activities and games after the Tangled Treasure Hunt. Make sure you keep the children fed with cake and yummy treats to keep up their energy levels!

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