Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Wedding Party Gift Ideas

There are many different wedding party gift ideas that can be used for a wedding party to thank those that help to make the wedding party a success. Some examples of these gifts include personalized gifts, framed pictures, or even books can be a good choice as well.

When purchasing thank-you gifts for the guests in your wedding party, it is important to think about the individual and what he or she likes. Remember, the guests had agreed to stand with you on your wedding day and may have even spent a fair amount of money in doing so. It is only appropriate to thank him with a gift. These ideas will help you choose the best gifts for the guests in your wedding party.

Personalized gifts are popular because they are unique to each person and make great keepsakes from an important time in a man’s life. These items may include lighters, watches, money clips, cuff links, clocks, pens or flasks. You may also choose to personalize such items as T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and tote bags. Remember to consider what he likes to do. If he enjoys golfing, then get him a personalized golf bag. If he collects beer steins, then that is the way to go. Personalization is about more than just adding a name or initials to an item.

The men in your bridal party may have thrown you parties along the road to the altar. Plus, they have spent their own money to rent tuxedos and shoes, buy you gifts and possibly pay travel and hotel expenses to attend your wedding. Consider giving them the gift of a great time as a thank-you gift: Take everyone out golfing one morning and then celebrate with a beer. Other options include go-kart racing, hitting the batting cages, playing pool or taking in a football or baseball game. No matter what the outing is, as long as you are together it will be a good time and they will be thankful for this gift.

If you are struggling with what to get the men in your bridal party, then consider giving them something they can use at a later date, such as gift certificates to one of their favorite stores, a gaming or electronics store, or even a mass merchandiser where they can choose from a wide selection. You might also consider giving him tickets to see one of his favorite bands or sports teams. If you are lucky, maybe he will even invite you to join him. These gifts may not be as personal as some of the other gifts mentioned, but they will definitely be appreciated.

Framed pictures make wonderful gifts because they’re extremely frugal and very personal. With a digital camera, you can print high-quality pictures at most major drugstores and stores like Costco if you don’t have a good photo printer. Prints are usually 10 cents or less. Make sure you search coupons before you go since most drugstores, like Walgreens, put out weekly coupons for their photo department. You can also score great vintage frames by hitting up flea markets and second-hand thrift stores. Pick up several to gift an “instant collection” of photos.

Books make a wonderful, frugal wedding gift. Not only are they inexpensive, but they can even change lives. Think about what the new couple is interested in. What hobbies do they enjoy? You may also consider books that will help them survive and thrive in their new lives. For instance, there are several personal finance books that aim to help couples specifically. Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach is a good one as is Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin. Cookbooks can also make a great gift, especially if you have a favorite or one of the newlyweds is an avid cook.

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