Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

There are many different 50th wedding anniversary party ideas which are meaningful and memorable for a couple’s anniversary. Some of the considerations include the decoration, theme, as well as the invitation guests. Speech of gratitude can also be presented which will make the party more memorable.

A 50th wedding anniversary is known as the golden anniversary and is celebrated with the couple’s family and close friends. This party should be as wonderful as the couple being honored. Organization, creativity and communication are keys to planning a great 50th anniversary party.

Whether small or large, the guest list for a 50th wedding anniversary should include lives the couple has touched over the years. Given the couple’s long span of marriage, this will likely include a large list of family, friends and neighbors. It is important to send out the announcement even if you don’t think the guests will be able to join you since you will want to announce the important milestone. Sending an invite to all friends and family also gives them your mailing address in case they want to send well wishes and gifts.

As you will want to include family, friends and loved ones, select a date that does not conflict with special occasions, birthdays or family reunions for close members on either side of the family. This is especially true if these special occasions are for children and grandchildren. However, one exception is if most of your family is out of town. In this case, you must consider the best time of year for them to travel. Often, this time is during the holidays when children are out of school and your relatives have time off work. Your anniversary celebration may be a great vacation option for them.

For this kind of party, you will need to pick a theme that the happy couple would enjoy, and decorate with this theme in mind. If they are love music, for example, decorate with old records, old CDs and use musical decorations. Avid world travelers may enjoy European or Asian-inspired decorations. For example, Tuscan-inspired decorations are often available at department stores. Chinese lanterns add lighting as well as decorations. Another possibility for a travel theme would be the couple’s honeymoon location. Create a breezy beach atmosphere by using cool blues and emerald greens.

Replicate a Hawaiian vacation with leis and ukuleles. If the couple has a Southwestern theme in their home, decorate with cacti, sand and fiesta decorations. This would be especially good for an outdoor barbecue. By considering the preferences of the couple, the decorations for the party will be a success.

Search for golden accents for your anniversary party decor. Party supply stores often have metallic gold plates and serving ware, but table top accessories and decor accents should be purchased individually from thrift stores and antique shops so that each item is personalized for the couple. For example, selecting charms from bracelets and necklaces that make up the initials in the couple’s first and last names can be used as cupcake toppers. The key in picking the best decor accents is to take your time finding the right items and remember that both sentiment and presentation are far more important than style.

Moreover, you can also use photographs for the party decoration. Display old photos of the happy couple. Ask friends and family members for pictures they may have. Reproduce these to avoid losing or damaging the original photos. Try to find pictures of each member of the couple as children, as young adults, with their children when they were young and in more recent times. Enlarge one of the couple’s wedding photos to poster size to hang on the walls. Display others in frames or mounted to a large poster board. Try to find a photo of the couple cutting their wedding cake to display on the cake table at the party. A photo of the couple dancing at their wedding would be a nice addition to the DJ table, if you have one.

In order to make the party more meaningful, you can also plan a speech given by you and your children as well. Tell your parents how proud you are of them and you wish to end up just as happy as they are at their age. Raise your glass and cheer for them and wish them many more years of happiness and bliss. You could even offer the guests some party favors. They can small items like some key chains or some treats like cupcake or cookies. This party should be memorable for your parents but for the guests as well.

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