Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

When it comes to Christmas, there are so many types of parties which can be held during this festival and one of them is the ugly Christmas sweater party. There are a lot of different ugly Christmas sweater party ideas which you can choose from and implement. Some considerations include the invitations, decorations, themes, food and drinks as well as the games and activities for the party.

The Christmas holidays are always good for hosting a party. If you want to host a great party over the holidays, try a Tacky Sweater Party. This type of party generally is a happy, festive and fun party where the main theme is everyone wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. Also known as an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party”, this Tacky Sweater Party can be an excellent way to get friends and family together throughout the holidays and have some laughs at the same time.

Since these parties are becoming more popular, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party ideas are in abundance on the internet. Some of the best ideas go back to basics, like these ugly sweaters. Starting with decorations, you should scour flea markets and second hand stores for the tackiest and ugliest Christmas themed items you can find. Since you are buying second hand, this shouldn’t be a huge expense.

Other Ugly Christmas Sweater Party ideas focus on the invitations. The more creative the invites are, the more fun they will be and the more people will want to come to your party. Most people make it mandatory to wear ugly or tacky sweaters, but sometimes ugly hats or shirts can be acceptable. Your invitations should have some kind of play on words or pun using the words “tacky” or “ugly” and be sure to include “Christmas” or “Holiday” in your catch phrase.

If you want to further “theme up” your tacky sweater party, require all participants to wear a matching turtleneck, make them all wear cardigan sweaters or have the men wear ladies sweaters and the women wear men’s sweaters. Another thing you can do is have a fashion show, award prizes for the ugliest sweaters, or play games like “Pin the Ugly on the Sweater”. This can be done by buying a plain sweater and cutting up ugly pieces of fabric in Christmas shapes, allowing participants to actually pin the ugly on the sweater. Have old classic Christmas tunes playing in the background or play traditional Christmas television shows on DVD. Christmas socks can also be a side contest should anyone be brave enough to wear them.

Moreover, you will have to decide on what food and drinks you will serve. Easy food options that will be great for the cold winter months include: chili, potato soup, cheese soup, or vegetable soup. For dessert you can decorate some Christmas cookies. Be sure to set out some appetizers or other things that your guests can snack on throughout the night. Make sure you have nonalcoholic drinks available for your guests. A fun idea for this type of party is to make jello shots. You can make red and green jello shots that look great on a serving tray, and also taste great!

Music is essential for any holiday party, so pick traditional Christmas songs, but try to dig out some of the oldies that everyone has forgotten about. This will get people talking, reminiscing, laughing, and maybe even dancing!

In order to make the make the party not only fun but also exciting, you can plan a game or two. An example would be a gag gift exchange. Ask your guests to bring a gag gift that is under $10. Draw numbers to determine the first person to pick a gift. Let your guests steal a gift throughout the game to make it more interesting. You can find cheap and good gifts for this type of exchange at a thrift store or Goodwill.

If you want other Ugly Christmas Sweater Party ideas the internet is a great place to start. With a bit of creativity and a fun attitude, you can really have a great Ugly Christmas Sweater Party that will become famous among your friends and family. As soon as the cool weather starts, people will be hinting on rather or not they will get an invitation to your next party.

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